Example sentences of "that i [verb] [adv] my " in BNC.

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1 The year erm which was done last year myself , self assessment and that I 've actually my form tutor to suggest it and they are reasonably positive , like sixty five percent to move into
2 ‘ It was then that I made up my mind that r would never leave England , ’ declares Lotte Bray ( Lowenstein ) .
3 So if you 've got children looking at mortgages , just tell them to be careful and that I think really my advice would be to , for anyone starting off a new mortgage now , to definitely go for repayment , until they 've sorted out what they 're doing , because if you cash an endowment within two years , if you ca n't keep up the payments , if you lose your job , then y you get nothing back .
4 Oh , well that the money that I found out my pocket and the payment granny gave me .
5 So I closed all those books and it was then that I opened up my eyes and looked around me and said , ‘ Now I 'm reading ’ . ’
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