Example sentences of "that i [verb] [adv] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Do you know , Father , it was n't until Whitton was dead that I realised how he had held us in his evil thrall . ’
2 Instead , now that I knew where she was living , I contacted my solicitors and instructed them to start divorce proceedings .
3 Yet it was then that I knew why I had come , for just distinguishable to me against the background of reciting voices , I heard my own voice .
4 The wind was high when I knocked at her door , and I heard a voice from within that I knew not what to make of , though it sounded like the lullaby of a Mother to her Baby .
5 It became clear from talking to parents that I had to see how what they said actually hooked up with their experience , the fine detail of it , and not to assume that I knew exactly what kind of lived experience lay behind a familiar form of words .
6 Edward knew he was being pampered and , in his letters to Helen about his friendship with Gwili 's sister , he confessed that ‘ in fact it was partly you that I saw when I held her : I hope I shall never forget her ; then I shall feel that it is possible to love another even though I am all and ever yours , little one .
7 The year erm which was done last year myself , self assessment and that I 've actually my form tutor to suggest it and they are reasonably positive , like sixty five percent to move into
8 Yeah over that I mean sometimes you want to sit quiet and you can not can you ?
9 ‘ It was then that I made up my mind that r would never leave England , ’ declares Lotte Bray ( Lowenstein ) .
10 The first thing that I noticed when I arrived in the dusty Managua airport , besides the tanks parked in the landing field , was an enormous poster of an unmistakable Daniel Ortega , clad in blue jeans and a cowboy shirt , holding an infant with an earring .
11 ‘ And when you see Bellybutton , tell him that I know where his brother is , and I 'll pick the bastard up whenever I choose and then feed him head first into a cane-shredder . ’
12 ‘ So I ca n't say that I know where your mother is or why she left . ’
13 Do n't forget that I know exactly what you 're capable of ! ’
14 think I mind says that I ask where you going now , going now or , well he 's not been here .
15 ‘ No , ’ said Aline , suddenly serious , ‘ it is only that the step from perfectly ordinary things into the miraculous seems to me so small , almost accidental , that I wonder why it astonishes you at all , or why you trouble to reason about it .
16 In fact , I 'd become so accustomed to relying on her that I wondered how I would .
17 Can I just say then that I think either it 's got to be blocked completely so they ca n't jump over the bridge , or it 's got to be unblocked .
18 In fact , now that I think over what you just said , I 'm sure he 'll refuse .
19 So if you 've got children looking at mortgages , just tell them to be careful and that I think really my advice would be to , for anyone starting off a new mortgage now , to definitely go for repayment , until they 've sorted out what they 're doing , because if you cash an endowment within two years , if you ca n't keep up the payments , if you lose your job , then y you get nothing back .
20 Mostly , I feel so inadequate that I think almost anyone could do the job better than I. I mean , Karen 's trained and Edna s had a lifetime s experience .
21 If we can learn to be programmers _ indeed we already are — but if we can learn to instruct the computer , then we 'll retain our dignity and our responsibility in matters rather than really abdicating it in ways that I do n't myself favour .
22 Erm I mean if you 're if you feel that I do n't I do n't think you 'd have any problem doing this it 's your it 's your it 's the
23 No oh more sadness there 's one thing that I do n't I searched the whole world for someone like you .
24 that I did n't I brought the rest for Laddy .
25 It was n't until The Byrds ’ ‘ Untitled ’ double album came out with the liner notes explaining all about the string-bender that I found out what a fool I 'd been …
26 Oh , well that the money that I found out my pocket and the payment granny gave me .
27 It was n't until I was much older still that I found out she 'd committed suicide . ’
28 That I believe now it 's run by the ladies that took over some while ago .
29 So I closed all those books and it was then that I opened up my eyes and looked around me and said , ‘ Now I 'm reading ’ . ’
30 Ridging and patching were the first jobs that I tackled once it became apparent that I was neither going to find another job nor be content to remain a labourer .
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