Example sentences of "that i [vb base] [adv] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 Yeah over that I mean sometimes you want to sit quiet and you can not can you ?
2 think I mind says that I ask where you going now , going now or , well he 's not been here .
3 ‘ No , ’ said Aline , suddenly serious , ‘ it is only that the step from perfectly ordinary things into the miraculous seems to me so small , almost accidental , that I wonder why it astonishes you at all , or why you trouble to reason about it .
4 Can I just say then that I think either it 's got to be blocked completely so they ca n't jump over the bridge , or it 's got to be unblocked .
5 Erm I mean if you 're if you feel that I do n't I do n't think you 'd have any problem doing this it 's your it 's your it 's the
6 No oh more sadness there 's one thing that I do n't I searched the whole world for someone like you .
7 That I believe now it 's run by the ladies that took over some while ago .
8 I realise that I have little I need to hide .
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