Example sentences of "that [pers pn] have be give " in BNC.

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1 ‘ So I 'll get clobbered if people read suddenly in the Daily Mirror that I 've been giving some away . ’
2 The extraordinary piece of good fortune that I had been given was the opportunity to fight it my way .
3 It was the directions that I had been giving them that I now began to consider .
4 Dear love , I get plenty of time to think about us these days , and I 'm more than ever grateful that I have been given such a wonderful person as you to be my wife .
5 ‘ This is the reason they were first given and I would like to think that I have been given this award because of that .
6 In the last minutes of the debate — the hon. Member for Birkenhead need not worry ; I am leaving him time within the advice that I have been given — I must mention the generality of the issues raised .
7 In the fifteen years that I have been giving lectures on sleep and dreaming to many groups of sixth-formers as well as undergraduate students , I have , in fact , only once had a single positive response to this question .
8 She murmured that Nicola Sharpe had told her editor that she had been given a really good story by someone in the Drugs Squad .
9 She was so pleased to learn that Barbara Coleman was eager to talk to her again , and that she had been given the perfect reason for spending part of her day revelling in Chagall 's colour , that she smiled as she cut inland towards Maurin 's gallery .
10 Having been reassured on this point , he had grudgingly accepted Ellen 's explanation that she had been given leave to visit him to see how he was coping alone , and had promptly put his daughter and her companion to work .
11 Dr Marshall , 60 , said it was disgraceful that she had been given little more than 48 hours to tidy her office .
12 What happens if a customer complains that she has been given the wrong change ?
13 Sharron Davies ' bid to win the 400 metres individual medley title for a record sixth time will be watched with added interest now that she has been given the opportunity to swim the event in Barcelona next month .
14 Some might say that you 'd been given a job and failed to do it .
15 He was about five-feet tall , but he had an enormous ability to make you feel that you had been given a real challenge and it seemed all-important to discharge it to his satisfaction and he was equally praising of your achievement .
16 And usually you 'll work with the angle that you 've been given rather
17 Right , okay , so has everybody created a constant right , what we are going to do now is to er estimate the first model right equation one on the sheets that you 've been given , alright , you 've created a constant , we 've got our variables L N T C L N I L N P
18 Okay , what I 'd like to do now is to go through the pads that you 've been given .
19 As long as I know that I 'm right er and say well I 'm quite willing to look at the figures that you 've been given , but these are the figures that are right but I will look at them erm and I , and I certainly would n't er confront it much more than that .
20 I am therefore pleased to advise you that you have been given the contract for the delivery of 40 ZX Computex reader printers at £75 per drop , making a total charge of £3000 .
21 There must also be no opportunity for anyone to claim that you have been given , or are giving , preferential treatment which puts you or others at an advantage , for example , over other organisations who may be tendering for the same work or other colleagues working for the organisation .
22 It 's really a record simply that you have been given the authority .
23 Erm , we ca n't just ignore the responsibilities that we 've been given .
24 If the figures that we 've been given the recent figures , cos w I 've been working on figures for August up to August but now we 've got even better figures .
25 If these figures are right that we 've been given by the department and I 'm not saying them whether they 're right or whether they 're wrong but well we have to r rely on what we 're getting this is why Mr is sending this lot to the Chief Executive for him to do some work I think it 's very important that it is done independently , not by the independent sector but by done independently .
26 And this is one of many ways in which ordinary communication between people depends on our having a very powerful memory , having the ability to look out for situations that we 've been warned about , and to take action in accordance with instructions that we 've been given previously and have stored up .
27 Mr Harrison said : ‘ Following the closure of the Swan Hunter yard the Government has finally agreed to talk to the EC about getting the same subsidies for all British shipyards that we 've been giving to our competitors in the EC for years .
28 Miss Fergusson had maintained , when they first stood before the haloed mountain , that there were two explanations of everything , that each required the exercise of faith , and that we had been given free will in order that we might choose between them .
29 This continued until Bob Prentice tactfully suggested that we had been given enough help !
30 I believe that we have been given the right to have dominion over animals .
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