Example sentences of "i have just [vb pp] from " in BNC.

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1 On an outing to the obscure Gate Crag in Eskdale we picked a route called Bosigran — this had to be climbed because I 'd just returned from my first climbing trip to Cornwall .
2 I was feel very proud of myself because I had just progressed from a tiny red tricycle to riding a huge yellow proper bicycle , with stabilizers .
3 I had just returned from a training stint in Lanzarote .
4 Mowbray said : ‘ I had just recovered from an Achilles injury on my right leg when I hurt my left ankle .
5 I 've just retired from the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service after just over thirty years service having reached , reached the er full time that I matured , that 's thirty years service and attaining the ripe old age of fifty five .
6 ‘ Well , I 've just heard from Channing , and his men have drawn a total blank in the village .
7 ‘ I 've always thought it unlikely , but I 've just heard from George this morning that it is impossible .
8 Erm , I 've just discovered from the
9 I 've just returned from this year 's Prix de Lausanne and the two Russian boys who entered were kicked out .
10 I 've just returned from South Africa , during which he went to stay with Sally Newcombe and refused to eat anything for a week and a half ’ .
11 I 've just walked from the car . ’
12 I 've just come from down there , have n't I ?
13 I 've just come from identifying my sister in the temporary mortuary .
14 I 've just come from Harold 's .
15 I 've just come from a session with Gladys Brown , a strange woman who has the room next to Meryl Armitage 's .
16 I 've just come from the Foreign Office , and you 're immediately on a new assignment .
17 I 've just come from work .
18 I 've just come from the Appeal Court .
19 I 've just come from a crossroads called Quatre Bras , sir .
20 I 've just come from a meeting with Bobby Anscombe .
21 I 've just come from the Embassy .
22 After 30 seconds or so , he stops and rubs his left hand across his face in the way I do when I 've just woken from a night 's sleep .
23 I have just received from Anne Jessel the 25 splendid custom picks , printed with my name and my own slogan .
24 May I draw the Economic Secretary 's attention to a study that I have just received from the House of Commons Library 's statistical section ?
25 Good morning David , I 'm enclosing three pages of a fax which I have just received from Teagasc capital T E A G A S C which is self explanatory stop , I hope you can make it all out , comma , if not please come back to me , full stop , paragraph , it would be a help if you could get your shipping agents to provide us with the rates they would have charged paragraph , many thanks and best regards , Sam .
26 ‘ Ma'am , I have just come from the market .
27 ‘ I do not know if I even have strength enough to regain the shelter I have just come from … ’ and her wings seemed to weaken by the second and her eyes to be pained .
28 Sir : I have just returned from five weeks in Zimbabwe , mostly at village level , and your leading article ( 6 October ) was right .
29 I have just returned from a holiday in Hungary with my six year old son and I feel I must write to thank you .
30 I have just returned from a visit to Bulgaria , and I thought your readers might like to see their spraying equipment .
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