Example sentences of "i have just [vb pp] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 God , I was nearly in an accident last night , that reminds me , coming , I 'd just turned off the Wrexham road , er going along the Paisword one
2 I 'd just wanted to be somewhere where people knew what they were doing .
3 It was 1.30 that Sunday night , I 'd just gone to bed feeling rather worn out after a busy week and sociable weekend .
4 And er very straight-faced in fact , and she was sitting at the back of the room , and I , I 'd just said to everybody , I said nobody here 's got a life purchased annuity , have they ?
5 I switched on the engine , closed my eyes and … felt like I 'd just stepped onto a corporation bus .
6 I 'd just returned to Mistress Philippa 's when the bell began to sound . ’
7 On an outing to the obscure Gate Crag in Eskdale we picked a route called Bosigran — this had to be climbed because I 'd just returned from my first climbing trip to Cornwall .
8 ‘ Well , I 'd just got opposite that poor woman 's house , and I glanced up at it .
9 " Hey , " somebody shouted , and when I looked back , it was the tenant of the flat I 'd just knocked at .
10 I did n't think that was bad , considering I 'd just thought of it .
11 I had just checked into the hotel and come down to the sunken terrace when I saw armed men running in a crouched position by the swimming pool .
12 The letter announcing my visit lay unopened on the mat when she opened the door , and an hour later I came away believing that I admired a woman who could , under these circumstances and in some pain , treat me as if I had just stepped round the corner for a packet of tea ten minutes before , and talk to me about this and that , and nothing at all .
13 However often I lived through the moment , and I had just lived through it so vividly that the palms of my hands were sweating and my heart thumping , I could not make it last beyond that point .
14 I had just gone down the road when the bomb went off .
15 Mr Abramson , of Shirley Road , Allerton , said last night : ‘ I had just gone to the off-licence to help my daughter Trudie while her husband went for his tea .
16 I had just moved into a flat with my boyfriend and I was beginning to feel very guilty .
17 I was feel very proud of myself because I had just progressed from a tiny red tricycle to riding a huge yellow proper bicycle , with stabilizers .
18 From a letter to my mother dated 2 May , which has escaped destruction , it is clear that I had just written to Eliot explaining that I realized the undesirability of publication , unless indeed Rowse himself were prepared to give it his endorsement .
19 I had just sent in last month 's article on the rib transfer carriage and shadow lace , when I received a letter from Mr David Dick of Irvine , Ayrshire , asking about knitting an embossed lace pattern using the ribber .
20 I was glad then that he did not know the subject of the talk I had just given at the conference — the possibility that space-time was finite but had no boundary , which means that it had no beginning , no moment of Creation .
21 The journey I had just completed in the Arussi had been the first I had undertaken in the highlands of Abyssinia .
22 The subject was a book I had just published on the history of the world over the past 60 years .
23 You see , I had just graduated to the position of providing a horse and cart , and any amount of people wanted that job so I would have lost it , maybe for good , if I had n't turned up .
24 I had just returned to Los Angeles from the Aleutians where I had been making a film , and I came across Errol Flynn at a party at David O Selznick 's house .
25 I had just returned from a training stint in Lanzarote .
26 One day when we were vacationing in Santa Fe in 1943 my daughter , Jennifer , who was then 3 , asked me why she could not see the picture I had just taken of her .
27 Mowbray said : ‘ I had just recovered from an Achilles injury on my right leg when I hurt my left ankle .
28 Andrea Godfrey , 25 , who comes from Darlington and works for a London-based advertising agency , said : ‘ I had just got on the train when I heard this tremendous bang .
29 Well , it must have been my day as with half an hour to go I had just got to the end of my swim when the float buried and the elastic shot out .
30 I had just got to the tricky bit when in walked this friend with the usual enquiries .
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