Example sentences of "i [verb] be going on " in BNC.

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1 He 'd been sitting apparently fascinated by my World Religions class , and when he came up at the end I was sure he wanted to ask a question about Zoroastrianism or Thuggee , or whatever damned thing I 'd been going on about .
2 Occasionally I was lucid enough to remember that I must never write about what was going on , or what I thought was going on .
3 Well , I think it erm , very , I mean I think as you said Chairman , if erm , there 's a clear majority for one party it 'll unblock a whole lot of delay and decision making which I think is going on and I think that that should be helpful .
4 also some of the things that I 've been going on with , doing this one with three , and I do n't know if it , they 'll stay in the can long enough for that .
5 erm I 'm conscious of the fact that I 've been going on for perhaps too long and I may not have said quite enough about Darwin , but let me just finish by saying this that it 's not possible today , I believe , to discuss any important problem in biology without Darwin 's thought being absolutely central to what you 're saying all the time .
6 Eyes turned to boarded up windows and rubbish strewn in gardens and the depressing picture moved the prince to say : ‘ This is why I have been going on for so long about architecture in the environment . ’
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