Example sentences of "in two day ' time " in BNC.

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1 The poem would arrive in two days ' time .
2 In two days ' time ( 7th May ) , it would be the forty-fifth anniversary of the final German surrender in the Second World War though the cease-fire was not to take effect until midnight on 8th May .
3 Word came back in two days ' time that Sigarup was getting better .
4 In two days ' time we reached Pakoku where many of the Anglo-Burmans begged me to disembark and try to walk out of Burma with them , but Rachel was still very sick and I said I would go on to Mandalay and hope to find a doctor there .
5 Gentle begged him to be a little more lenient , to which Klein said he 'd call Gentle 's studio in two days ' time , and if he received no answer would assume their deal was no longer valid .
6 Even so , it was hard to believe that his birthday in two days ' time would be only his twelfth .
7 So it was decided that Oliver would help Sikes with the robbery in two days ' time .
8 In two days ' time , she thought , she would actually see him .
9 During the course of their conversation , to which Julia listened with only half her attention as she sipped her brandy , she learned that Jackson French was likely to be posted to London to play a part in the winding up of UNRRA later in the year and that Comfort herself was due to leave Venice in two days ' time ‘ now that Julia is getting well again' .
10 In two days ' time Matthew was off to New York .
11 Her best chance would come when they reached Ibiza in two days ' time .
12 That was in two days ' time .
13 So it 's not Saturday , like in two days ' time ?
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