Example sentences of "in a few [noun pl] time " in BNC.

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1 And the first deadline for applications for B T three shares expires in a few hours time .
2 In a few hours time in Toronto Lynn Gibson will be racing for Britain in the 800 metres …
3 I 'll be talking in a few moments time about aviation travel and the risks and , indeed , the trends that are being reflected at the present time , but erm before we move to that let's just think about those of us who perhaps have decided we wo n't go abroad .
4 Okay , we 'll come back and pick up with you again , if we may , in a few moments time , but I wanted to change tack once more and go back to the telephones , and waiting to talk to us now is Alan Spong , he 's a director of Lunn Poly , one of the country 's leading travel agents .
5 And that 's Nick Harris talking to Ken Vasey up at the Manor ground and we hope to return to the Manor in a few moments time and see who else Nick has got to talk to us .
6 Let us suppose the Smith family have planned a picnic in the country in a few days time .
7 Did one yesterday for a man who was due to be executed today , erm , I do n't know whether he was or not , but he probably in a few days time .
8 So , gentlemen , what I 'm really doing is to show you a bit of the background and the fact that it 's not all doom and gloom there is a hell of a light at the tunnel and in matter of fact , we got another lecture on the channel tunnel in a few days time !
9 In a few days time that extra edge of fitness could keep them alive
10 In a few days time the nation will again pay lip service to the thousands killed in action during the Second World War , while preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic with a spectacular visit from a NATO fleet in May .
11 look Grant , in a few days time
12 wait a bit , and they said so , they looked at it and said we 'd have to take it back in a few days time for them to do , they could n't do it there and then .
13 In a few days time we 'll be sitting him on top of a bonfire and standing around in the cold night while we light up the sky with loads of colour .
14 In a few seconds time he might be face to face with the man who had killed Daniel .
15 In October 1930 , ten months before the first National Government was formed , Sir Arthur Balfour , an industrialist and a member of the Economic Advisory Council , wrote to Ramsay MacDonald , saying that he had been forced to the conclusion : That our industrial and commercial economic situation is steadily deteriorating and if this continues , in a few months time , we shall be on the verge of a debacle .
16 ‘ The changes facing the industry with the ending of the variable premium in a few months time made buyers highly selective , ’ said auctioneer Michael Walton who managed to extract an average £1000 for ram lambs against a 1990 figure of £1209 .
17 In a few months time we are hoping to start a lunch club in the hall on 2 or 3 days per week , providing a three course lunch for a very small cost .
18 It 's time we had ministers who will listen to Social Services and in a few months time we shall have them , a Labour Government .
19 So do you think that erm when this law was erm pushed through in nineteen forty seven that er perhaps Mao you know well I think there 's been a bit of excess now , I think we 'll do some we just need , we just need a bit of a rush now just to take us through a bit and then we 'll stop it in a few months time .
20 If I quote three or four quid underneath , he 'll consider it and we may get an order in a few months time when the schedule runs out .
21 Hugh , himself I think he is completing his work and there , in , in a few months time and I know there have attempts made to find someone to replace him .
22 well we ca n't go into the reasons for that but I said let's respect the reasons I said if that 's how you feel I said , you 're a man you you must make your own decisions I said probably in a few months time you 'll come
23 Can I just say that er Ray phoned me up the other day and he said er , would you be prepared to take part in probationers ' , er regional probationary sort of training day er which is at coming up er in a few months time , to give erm presentation skills er I part of what we were doing , erm but just those O H Ps that we did on that part .
24 In a few years time the two German states could be virtually a single economic area .
25 It is most unlikely that a mother or father looking at a new-born child will be saying : — ‘ We have here a potential villain , who could , in a few years time be getting a living by robbery , violence or some other criminal activity .
26 This is the cheaper option , but it may leave you stuck with single glazing and a recurrence of your existing maintenance problems in a few years time .
27 It 's safe to say that in a few years time they will be playing Las Vegas . ’
28 He might , in a few years time , become one but who knows .
29 ‘ Supplies of suitable coal in the future can not be guaranteed and unless the current experiments with oil firing are successful then it is likely that steam operation on S.M.R. may have to be abandoned in a few years time .
30 It was nothing like the transformation she would undergo in a few years time but it signalled the slow resurrection of her inner spirit .
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