Example sentences of "the number of [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 The number of towns over which low-level flying was banned was increased from 25 to 61 and the hours of low-level flying conducted by the West German Air Force was to be reduced from 23,000 to 21,000 each year , although the number of hours for other NATO air forces remained at 45,000 .
2 As to the enforcement of lorry weights , we have doubled the number of inspections over the past five years .
3 I hope to gradually increase the number of pages over the next few issues , if funds allow .
4 It 's probably the , the simplest illustration is to say that over the last three or four years , we 've moved from being well below S S A to nine point four percent above S S A , now nothing 's changed other than that we 've got a slight decrease in the number of calls over this last two years .
5 However , since there are more rape trials today than before , the reader of newspapers would find an increase in the number of reports over the years .
6 By July , the committee reported that in spite of an increase in the number of members over the last quarter , there had been a loss of trade and a decline in share capital .
7 The Worldwide Fund for Nature is , of course , just one part of a huge international Green Movement , in which we have seen massive increases in the number of supporters over the past few years .
8 The number of years over which loans could be repaid was a matter for each individual authority , subject to maxima laid down by the Government for given categories of assets .
9 Firstly , the Festival of Britain in 1951 and the Coronation in 1953 had focused the eyes of the world on Britain 's streets , and the number of tourists over here in those years gradually gave rise to concern over the embarrassment caused by prostitution .
10 Er , six bytes across the number of characters over the four characters .
11 On June 24 in Luxembourg EC Social Affairs Ministers reached agreement in principle on introducing a maximum working week of 48 hours across the EC ( although the number of months over which the 48-hour limit should be averaged remained unresolved ) .
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