Example sentences of "the [noun] of [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 The British Broadcasting Corporation has extended its 30-year relationship with ICL Plc with two new contracts for the provision of services over the next six years : first , ICL 's CFM facilities management subsidiary will run the Beeb 's mainframe bureau operation in Feltham , West London on ICL Series 39 SX mainframes ; second , the BBC is taking advantage of ICL 's Open Hire agreement in its move to a distributed Unix computing environment .
2 Does the Prime Minister accept responsibility for the chaos and confusion at the heart of Governments over the Poll Tax ?
3 Law consulted Lansdowne on all matters of importance , kept him informed of the progress of negotiations over Ulster , but found him difficult to convince of the merits of compromise .
4 If I could have foreseen the progress of events over the next two years I would probably have stood up and run directly back to Boulogne .
5 The introduction is an essay by Octavio Paz in which he stresses the isolation in which the civilisations of the Americas evolved ( as opposed to Europe with contacts from the East ) and he examines the reactions of Europeans over the years to Mexican art .
6 You would think he was a gypsy until you looked closer at his blue eyes and the dusting of freckles over his apple-blossom cheeks .
7 Prima facie the rules against perpetuities applies to the grant of easements over things not in existence at the date of the lease .
8 First , under an approved share option scheme overseas participants are restricted to shares under option up to a maximum of £100 000 value ( UK resident participants are not restricted to £100 000 value and are eligible for the grant of options over shares up to an aggregate value of four times annual remuneration ) .
9 If the pond-building books fail to acknowledge Murphy 's Law , it is nowhere more evident than at the point where neat diagrams demonstrate the laying of slabs over flap of liner .
10 Its organization was similar in that it was controlled by persons of relatively high social status , that ransoming was a major source of profit , and that the transporting of animals over long distances was usual when a payment was not forthcoming .
11 Disappointingly there was little evidence of any change in the condition of attenders over the course of two years from the interviewing of the original sample .
12 The proliferation of disputes over scarce water resources , particularly between states bordering the Nile , Euphrates and Jordan rivers , attests to the impact of resource depletion , as does the relationship between deforestation and desertification .
13 Configured like the reticulated rib-cage of some enormous alien creature , long dead and looming over them , the vault appeared not to have been carved but rather rubbed into shape painstakingly , no doubt by the labour of slaves over many decades , millennia earlier .
14 Other accusations were the result of disputes over the ownership of animals .
15 In oral as well as in literate culture , it would appear that there are techniques whereby the directness and immediacy of everyday experience are contrasted with the holding of traditions over time , and with the ‘ fixing ’ and ratifying of definitions and meanings .
16 In order to engage in comparisons over time we were faced with a dilemma stemming from the change in the range of newspapers over this period .
17 Feminist criticism and research has helped to increase the number of women subjects in mainstream European and North American psychology , and the range of topics over which they are studied .
18 Clearly , the range of frequencies over which a potential divider constructed solely from resistors acts as a satisfactory attenuator is restricted .
19 Here again there is negligible waste of power , but unfortunately the range of frequencies over which a transformer will act as a potential or current divider is restricted by the behaviour of the core , there being both a lower and upper limit .
20 Of course this makes sense in the case of insanity , automatism or involuntary movement but the range of factors over which one has no control is obviously wider than such clear instances of total lack of control .
21 In Dew v. Parsons ( 1819 ) 2 B. & Ald. 562 an attorney was held entitled to set off against a claim by a sheriff the excess amount which he had paid to the sheriff for the issue of warrants over what the sheriff was legally entitled to charge .
22 It recommends a full evaluation study of the problem , and urges an end to the disagreement in the Council of Ministers over regulations governing finance for pollution research .
23 The key to minimizing the disadvantages and reaping the advantages of communications over the telephone is the way you behave .
24 In the standard b -boundary construction , the Riemannian manifold is the bundle of frames over space-time having a positive definite metric induced by the affine connection .
25 However , normal irregular traffic is not likely to achieve this low figure , and an average loss of 0.75 of a lock will be assumed in estimating the use of water for the passage of boats over the summit .
26 Nothing could be further from costume drama or the spreading of cloaks over puddles .
27 Because the percentage of adults over that age , presumably doing full time A level courses
28 Data from the 1931 to 1961 Censuses and from the Ministry of Social Security for 1966 showed a continuous decline in the percentage of men over the age of 65 in full-time paid employment ( Table 2.1 ) .
29 The people over whom governments have authority , the kind of considerations which their instructions pre-empt and the areas of activities over which they have authority are all , to the extent that they are determined by the normal justification thesis , less extensive than the claims made by governments and by the law .
30 Chan , Chan and Karolyi ( 1991 ) found that the distribution of returns over five-minute intervals for S&P500 futures from 1984 to 1989 was leptokurtic with fat tails .
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