Example sentences of "a few [noun pl] ' time " in BNC.

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1 That person is a menace to everyone but he may well think that , in a few hours ' time , he 'll be back to normal and no harm will be done .
2 Some people expect that in a few decades ' time youngsters will learn from their home tutor computers and rarely , if ever , have contact with a human teacher .
3 He would be coming round to collect in a few minutes ' time .
4 It is absurd , every time we introduce another element of our policy , for him to leap on to the populist pitch and then , as he no doubt will in a few minutes ' time , find some detailed reasons for being opposed to it .
5 Our plan was to meet there in a few days ' time , once our researches in New York were concluded .
6 In a few days ' time the President of the Society for the Protection of the Selva Sur , David Ricalde , would tell me , ‘ Some of these naturalists , it 's not their fault but they do n't know their stuff .
7 In a few days ' time , perhaps sooner , he would die quietly of pneumonia , peacefully suffocating as the bloodstream slowed and the deprived lungs surrendered their function .
8 The girls arrived at the Gare du Nord , as we will do , and then , as we will in a few days ' time , they made for the Gare de L'Est and the journey into central Europe .
9 This would on past experience coax the crocuses out in Hyde Park , only to be spiked by frost in a few days ' time .
10 However we agreed to visit Cedars together in a few days ' time .
11 Well , we had a talk and she invited me to come back in a few days ' time .
12 There was nothing wrong with enjoying her own interests and social activities — including Martin Ward 's party in a few days ' time .
13 Pete suggested that in a few days ' time he could take her out to the nearest big town on the coast , and there she could look for clothes in the department stores and check out the library for the addresses of any useful organisations or people to contact .
14 I 'm lucky , she told her reflection , and in a few days ' time I 'll be far away from this place , and without Piers around I 'll be able to put things back into perspective .
15 Except , a small protective inner voice prompted her hurtfully , that I 'm no long-term threat to your person or your property because in a few days ' time at the very most I shall be out of your land and out of your life .
16 What did it matter if there would be no long-term future for them together — that in a few days ' time they would be separated by the cold grey expanse of the North Sea ?
17 I hope that a message can go out that there is a new resolve in the west and that we are determined to ensure that the killing , the destruction and the brutality stop , and that , as a new year dawns in a few days ' time , it dawns with a new sense of hope for the battered , beleaguered people of Croatia .
18 I do n't want you to throw them away today , er , because you might actually in a few days ' time think of some use for them .
19 So in a few years ' time mobile phones will be brought to the masses .
20 But I read in an article this morning ( 'Students set to pay full fees ' , 29 September ) that if I were applying in a few years ' time , I would have to ask my parents to pay the full cost of my tuition .
21 Production of the Japanese industry 's two principal profit earners — the F-15J fighter and the P-3C anti-submarine aircraft , both built under licence from the United States — will peter out in a few years ' time .
22 What in the world would the company be like in a few years ' time if such people were in the driving seat ?
23 Little did they guess that in a few years ' time they would be telling their friends and relatives about the superstar who used to live next door in the suburbs .
24 The dilemma of whether to improve ( or not ) an old building which may not be needed in a few years ' time can last for decades .
25 It is quite impossible to believe that he will fade from the scene on formal retirement in a few years ' time .
26 Already in Britain there are plans for putting into communication the computer-based personal information systems of DHSS , the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Centre , the Police National Computer and the Inland Revenue ; and the embossed plastic cards with unique machine-readable numerical identifiers which are now issued automatically to all school-leavers to mark their entry into the National Insurance scheme will in a few years ' time be , in effect , national identity cards .
27 Without pilots gaining experience at the lowest level , we will be shaping up for another chronic pilots shortage in a few years ' time .
28 In a few years ' time , it may no longer be meaningful to do so , though it 's a safe bet that the spreadsheet will always be with us as a presentation style .
29 In time — a few years ' time — he 'd inevitably be boss of the Spidergobs cos of his thunks .
30 However , what may look like a good deal now , as the UK emerges from its adjustment period of higher interest rates and recession , could look rather different in a few years ' time .
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