Example sentences of "a [noun] [prep] [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 Spare capacity would be resold to other British Telecom units , which could offer a variety of services over the network .
2 It can be seen that there is a wide range of statutory and semi-public bodies exercising a variety of controls over development in particular areas of the countryside .
3 Miss Danziger had heard a variety of interpretations over the many years . …
4 The next mill downstream has had a variety of names over the years : Russell Mill , Lowes Mill and more recently , Malvern Mill .
5 SHAPED BY A VARIETY of influences over the years the magnificence and legacy of Harewood remain unspoilt .
6 The building society industry faces major changes — including a reduction in numbers over the next 10 years
7 His grand plans for a hero 's welcome disintegrated into a mass of fears over how the High Command would view this night .
8 You have been fortunate enough to build up a reserve of savings over the years , or you may find yourself in receipt of an inheritance .
9 Notices may be entered on the Register of Title to protect a wide variety of interests — for example , an estate contract , a grant of easements over registered land , a lease or agreement for a lease which is not an overriding interest , and many other matters that it is desired shall come to the notice of all persons dealing with the land .
10 They have trained-in a succession of concepts over the years : decision making , then situational leadership , and then contingency theory .
11 The official peace negotiations in Rome had been blocked by a succession of differences over a wide range of political and constitutional issues .
12 It was generally accepted , however , that the organization was in some disarray as a result of splits over revolutionary doctrine and personal leadership .
13 A new political force emerged in late 1990 as a result of disagreements over policy and coalition alliances in Sicily .
14 Relations improved with South Korea as a result of concessions over the treatment of the Korean minority within Japan , and Japan 's admission of guilt over its past treatment of Korea [ see p. 38623 ] .
15 A review of debates over the past two or three years reveals another unusual aspect .
16 This change of outlook was the result of a fusing of perceptions over some years about the character and behaviour of the West Indians as partners in the project of amelioration and gradual emancipation .
17 However , it is believed to be in the region of £15 million a year for the world-wide rights , plus a percentage of profits over and above that figure .
18 BRITISH Petroleum and Jet cut the price of petrol by up to 13.5p a gallon — 3p a litre — yesterday , ending a run of increases over recent months .
19 By contrast both productive opportunities yield positive NPVs ; that is , they provide a return to investors over and above that offered by the capital market .
20 After the second fuel stops , Mass resumed with a lead of 52secs over Baldi , with Bailey another 27 secs down and under threat from the Jaguar of Andy Wallace and Davy Jones .
21 The modern way is to meet a group of patients over a party-type meal and discuss how to cope with the problems that may arise .
22 Undertake the management of the care of a group of patients over a period of time and organise the appropriate support service .
23 An undergraduate met by chance on the campus walkway might be treated to one of his brilliant , spontaneous tutorials , the kind normally only dreamt about , while a group of colleagues over whose meeting he was to preside gazed at an empty chair .
24 To that end , a body of notes over which you have " sweated blood " is a pearl beyond price .
25 The passage quoted above can then be read not as a denial of conflicts over the use of common land , but as a comment on them .
26 You were set up for life with them , ’ Olive Fitzgerald of the Samaritans , bracing for a flood of calls over the next few months on their telephone helpline , told Reuters ' man .
27 Mr Favell resigned as John Major 's official Commons aide when the Premier was Chancellor because of a clash of views over Europe .
28 Semi-detached MOTHER of three Elizabeth Sibley , Tory candidate in Durham North , faces a clash of loyalties over Sunderland 's FA Cup semi-final next Sunday .
29 The Lockwood Parish Map created by a band of workers over several years in East Cleveland has been packed off to Milton Keynes where it will be on display when the Queen commemorates the 25th anniversary of the new town on March 13 .
30 The town , sprawling along the side of Lake Managua , has only a handful of buildings over one storey and is without any identifiable centre .
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