Example sentences of "and [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 He 's sort of waving one arm and hanging on with the other .
2 I drove to the hospital in Bangor with Nathan watching the road intently and hanging on to the handbrake .
3 Carrie had been listening intently , enthralled and hanging on to the union man 's every word , but she suddenly caught sight of Fred standing at the counter .
4 In all this , he was backed by Lavinia although her main interest lay in trying to keep their heads above water and hanging on to the estate .
5 Standing stork-like and hanging on to the various bathroom fittings , she cleaned her teeth and made a reasonable toilet .
6 The Stormtex outer gives the jacket a fair amount of shower and wind protection ; excellent for hillwalking and hanging about at the bottom of climbs .
7 The Immense parasites twining round the trees taking root some of them at the tops of the trees and hanging down to the ground , others surrounding the trees like a crown — heard the bell bird with his incessant ting ting , the coachwhip bird & c. — a heavy shower of rain accompanied by lightning — soon cleared up — every green thing looked more beautiful for its sprinkling . ’
8 Based on an 8km circuit of the Can and Chelmer , teams could opt to race 40 or 80km and change over at the race centre as often as they liked .
9 Just as we might buy a new outfit , then take it home and change out of the old and into the new , so Paul likens the complete change needed if we are to live as followers of Christ .
10 Hold rear legs gently backwards and comb down towards the foot .
11 With Rex and Woodchip out of the picture and the forces of darkness set loose upon the land , how can we fail ?
12 For a whiff the strong white birds floated proudly there , diving , clearing the weed , and waddling over to the house when my father summoned them , for food and to be shut up for the night .
13 It takes them long enough to cut a way through to the chimney of the air shaft , sawing through the rhodie branches and tearing away the brambles and other undergrowth ; then they lever off the iron grating over the shaft without any difficulty , and one of the younger cops , in an overall and a hard hat , wraps the rope around himself — proper climbing rope they had in the back of one of the Range Rovers — and abseils down into the darkness .
14 Willie blushed and clung on to the top of the blankets .
15 She had packed and checked out of the hotel without seeing either of the two brothers or her cousin .
16 The Trust is fortunate that its regional structure was conceived and laid down in the 1971 Act of Parliament .
17 Their park was given over as a whole for building development , and laid out on the gridiron pattern in the middle decades of the eighteenth century .
18 ‘ I even have my dress all ready and laid out on the bed . ’
19 We met one of the Medics who informed me that the bodies of Les and the other three Commandos had been taken through the village and laid out with the other dead in front of the Chateau .
20 Kicking her shoes off , she rested her head on an antimacassar and gazed up at the chandelier .
21 In the thirty-foot-long , dark-panelled bedroom , she lay upon the Jacobean four-poster bed and gazed up at the crimson brocade canopy .
22 She climbed out of the ‘ speeder and gazed up at the darkening sky .
23 She straightened her shoulders and gazed up at the unremitting blue of the sky .
24 She sat quite still , the little book in her lap and gazed up at the pale candle flame , hardly seeing it , so busy was her inward eye upon the scenes that had held her in thrall for two hours or more .
25 He rested his dark head against the pillows and gazed up at the ceiling as he spoke .
26 She dropped her head back to relieve the tension in her neck , and gazed up at the rigging .
27 Nervously she smoothed down her saffron-coloured skirt and gazed up at the house as Steve , with bounding energy , leapt out of the Suzuki .
28 She finished her coffee , and gazed up at the hillside , where Rafaelo 's white villa caught the sun , and his growing vegetables and vines lay in neat terraces up the hill .
29 Rather than watch them go , I stayed by the sink and gazed out over the playing fields .
30 Lady Ursula Berowne sat immobile in her sitting room on the fourth floor of 62 Campden Hill Square and gazed out over the top boughs of the plane trees as if at some far distant unseeable vista .
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