Example sentences of "of [noun] of [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 In just the same way , evolution consists of genes spreading at each other 's expense , but many , perhaps most , genetic mechanisms are about enforcing common interest of groups of genes over the selfish ambitions of the few .
2 Therefore , Piaroa boys are not constrained into learning the aggressive stance of young warriors to fight men of this world ; they do not learn to accept the dominance relationships of groups of men over other groups of men .
3 As with chimneys , so with synapses ; if they are constructed — or even reconstructed — during learning , one might expect a brief increase in the rate of synthesis of proteins over the time when an animal was being trained and memory was being formed .
4 Imported raw cotton was the basis for the emergence of the most dynamic of the " new " manufactures , but as late as 1776 Adam Smith omitted cotton goods from his argument for a sustained expansion and downward spread of consumption of non-essentials over the " course of the present century " , and still found examples enough for his purpose .
5 I am aware , however , that surveying techniques of the last 150 years have been to standards of accuracy of centimetres over the same sort of distance and landscape .
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