Example sentences of "having just [vb pp] [adv] from " in BNC.

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1 The commodore , having just tacked in from Pin Mill , says that while he recognises the accomplishment of an ancient mariner there in teaching a grey parrot to recite the complete works of Shakespeare in Urdu , and could see that this might help international relations in some way , he is far from certain this was the sort of thing Mr Major had in mind .
2 A.Q. : Towards five-thirty this morning , having just got back from the flower market , I was working in the front quarters of my shop when I got the idea I 'd heard a funny noise just outside the window …
3 And so it was that on the first Monday after New Year , about midnight , we found ourselves on an icy road in County Cavan heading for the checkpoint , having just driven up from Dun Laoghaire , where we had disembarked from the Holyhead ferry .
4 That 's the compound radius fingerboard for you , and having just come straight from playing a ‘ 62 reissue Strat , the Manson 's fingerboard around and above the octave felt virtually flat in comparison .
5 But anyway , talking about engineering as a whole , quite obviously it 's interesting to go back a bit because I 'm always interested in the way the institutions actually started because er there 's a lovely story about er , the Stephenson brothers and tho , ju , having just come down from Scarborough on a mini-holiday we stopped at York and I went over a great big museum there , and quite obviously seeing the marvellous locomotives you realise that George Stevenson had er , a lot to do with that .
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