Example sentences of "to have been [vb pp] for [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Curiously , most of the rules seem to have been conceived for print media : there are few pieces of TV and radio ‘ folklore ’ of this kind .
2 This can be done by timing the sequence with a stop watch ( which can itself be proved to have been checked for accuracy if required ) .
3 They bought a Spanish villa rooted into the hillside at many levels , a house rumoured to have been built for Rudolph Valentino .
4 Interior Minister Col. Manuel José Antonio was arrested on Aug. 11 for questioning in connection with an attempted coup uncovered on June 24 and said to have been planned for June 25 ( the 16th anniversary of Mozambique 's independence ) .
5 However , the attack , which was thought to have been planned for Kiechle 's 60th birthday party on March 3 in Bavaria , had not taken place and a further letter from the RAF stated that it had been called off due to a " mistake in co-ordination " .
6 They have been radiocarbon dated to about the 9th or 10th centuries AD and seem to have been intended for use in ceremonies associated with an important priest .
7 ‘ I have heard , ’ said Henry slowly , ‘ that on occasion — by accident , usually — aconite has been known to have been mistaken for horseradish . ’
8 There was some indication that the congress , originally thought to have been scheduled for May , had been postponed until June .
9 It is too small to have been used for storage or drying , but would have been suitable for the mistress of the house to sit at her small wheel to spin .
10 Although the wood is presumed to have been used for firesetting. the association between mining activity and the sample is rarely certain .
11 It is reported to have been used for surveillance of the United Unionist Action Council strike headquarters in May 1977 together with an infinity bug in a newlyinstalled telephone in a committee room .
12 As Smith commented , it is incomprehensible that Moorcroft does not appear to have been considered for appointment as the first Professor of the London College .
13 After exhausting the appeals process , the final execution date — the fifth to have been set for Harris — was arranged on March 14 .
14 McLean is not the first bouncer to have been tried for Murder and certainly not the first bouncer to have been up on charges of serious violence .
15 These results , however , are somewhat misleading because in most cases the wells do not appear to have been drilled for Zechstein objectives and were either off-structure or lacking in significant closure at Zechstein level .
16 A similar sum is expected for a landscape drawing by Fra Bartolommeo entitled ‘ A farm on a ridge ’ , dating from 1508 , which , like other similar landscape drawings by the artist , appears to have been drawn for pleasure .
17 Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA ) witnessed on May 30 the total destruction of the Al-Atheer nuclear complex on the grounds that its technical core was held to have been designed for weapons development [ see pp. 38838 ; 38886 ] .
18 In contrast to some systems which seem to have been designed for gadget freaks , GEC 's control panel is simplicity itself .
19 Perhaps the most famous incumbent of Stanton Lacy is poor Robert Foulkes , who was one of the very few clergymen ever to have been executed for murder .
20 Press reports cited evidence of his involvement with the USA , including his use of a US military helicopter to travel from Beirut to Cyprus in 1986 and his involvement in the release of three US hostages , the Rev. Benjamin Weir , freed on Sept. 14 , 1985 , and Lawrence Jenco and David Jacobsen , released on July 26 and Nov. 2 , 1986 , respectively , all of whom turned out to have been traded for arms .
21 Do you know that you are thought to have been imprisoned for debt ? ’
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