Example sentences of "to have [vb pp] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The French Minister-Delegate for Foreign Affairs , Alain Vivien , who had visited Djibouti on Dec. 26-28 , was understood to have pressed for further progress towards a multiparty system .
2 ‘ Value billing ’ should , in theory , be a consequence of the value-added auditing service that most firms claim to have offered for several years .
3 he ought to have stayed for several days .
4 ‘ I am fortunate to have played for two clubs with passionate fans .
5 He is said to have served for twenty-five years as rector of the cathedral fabric fund and is undoubtedly found in association with the cathedral 's masons and workshops .
6 Roy won four full International caps for Northern Ireland , is the only Palace player ever to have appeared for that country and was the first 3rd Division player to be selected for a full international .
7 ‘ Headway Intermediate is one of the soundest , most innovative coursebooks to have appeared for some time . ’
8 So great a flood … has been estimated to have run for 2 weeks .
9 The law granted Estonian citizenship automatically to all Estonians ; immigrants applying for citizenship would be required to have lived for two years in the country .
10 There was a time when parents had a repertoire of such material ‘ in their heads ’ , but the oral handing down seems to have failed for many people .
11 Excitement indeed ! and it even caught up a sober and spiritually distanced Quaker who could not " find words sufficient to draw it in colours strong enough " but has left a useful description of a phenomenon which seems to have lasted for several weeks , " when the great noise subsided , but the fire still existed " .
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