Example sentences of "over a much long [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Whatever our personal views on politics , morals and society are , we have responsibilities not simply to the here and now but to society over a much longer term .
2 ( Monday to Friday ) , giving a taste of the kind of stamina that will ultimately be required over a much longer period .
3 With press media , it is possible to spread the same money over a much longer period , especially if monthly magazines are used , since monthlies accumulate their readership of as many as 10 or 11 readers per copy over quite a long period .
4 This of course was not the main part of the work , but a pilot study used to test and refine some hypotheses about the wider sociolinguistic situation , which was then investigated more fully over a much longer period of time .
5 In so doing the newcomers have contributed to the sense of urban encroachment on rural political affairs among farmers and landowners which goes back over a much longer period , and which has been associated with changes in the institutions of political control in the countryside : the gradual decline in the personalized and autocratic power of the locally resident squirearchy and the transfer of public administration to a more formal and impersonal framework of local government since local politics were first placed on a democratic footing in 1888 .
6 The circular changed and allowed that joint finance money to be paid over a much longer period and virtually in perpetuity .
7 These were ‘ asymmetrical cyclical troughs ’ because recovery of output was spread over a much longer period than its initial loss , and because many factories closed for good in the second recession .
8 When the additional money is spent on training nurses , it is important that every effort be made to retain their services over a much longer period , which may involve making the terms and conditions more flexible for women returning to work .
9 I would love to talk to you over a much longer period , but I 'm afraid that 's all that we have time for today .
10 But you know we have to look beyond the first year or two , we have to look at what 's going to happen to that school over a much longer period of time , and quite frankly erm I would feel safer with erm what was called the big brother of the Local Authority .
11 The major difference appears to be that of timescale ; perfusion is spread over a much longer time scale than arterial infusion .
12 We 've got to look at it in those terms , and so it is not necessary in my submission for anyone to prove at the moment there is at least five thousand dwellings short , erm that that is something which ought to be considered over a much longer time period .
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