Example sentences of "'ll just [verb] your [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Well excuse you your bath tonight — I 'll just sponge your face and hands . "
2 I 'll just bring your microphone in .
3 You 're too old to learn , it 'll just make your head spin . ’
4 I 'll just do your desk top and whatnot and if you can ask Jess to clean the floor , alright ?
5 Now Jennifer if you 'll just move your chair over to this side .
6 ‘ Now , Jack , if you 'll just slip your arm out of your overalls — that 's right — I want to check your blood-pressure . ’
7 If you tried to remember them all as just these equations , you 'd be very easily getting confused about which one was which and you 'll just get your head cluttered with all sorts of stuff and so that way something that you know , something you can bring it back to .
8 yeah I 'll just tie your horse up there .
9 I mean if you just want the teletext all you do is press your mute and then you 'll just have your teletext without the sound .
10 I 'll just have your coat on shall we ?
11 ‘ I 'll just take your plate and — ’ Ashley stopped ; the table was empty .
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