Example sentences of "'ll [adv] [verb] [det] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 So we 'll suddenly find this window that 's thirty foot long by seven foot high and
2 If they 're all friends with each other they 'll all bring each other wo n't they ?
3 But you 'll naturally have more stock wo n't you at the beginning of the year .
4 I 'll just dump this lot in the car . ’
5 you did , yes I 'll just give this potty , move , oh I 'm gon na fall over your feet , I 'll just give it a rinse out and dry it
6 Elizabeth replied , ‘ And I 'll just pour this milk into the skimming trays then take my apron off and come with you .
7 As I said I 'll be having quite a lot to say about in the lectures , so we 'll just regard this class as a kind of prelude to that .
8 I 'll just switch that television off and you might pay some attention .
9 I 'll just do this crossword .
10 Yeah , I 'll just move that chair from out the front
11 I 'll just drop this register in to Mrs Ellis and double check that address .
12 Then she says , I 'll just clean this bit of tartar off .
13 No no I 'm no I 'm I 'll just get some cough medicine .
14 ‘ Now , we 'll just get this place to rights , and have a quiet evening with our knitting , Agnes dear . ’
15 I 'll just shut this door
16 I 'll just read this bit
17 And Dannii 's not in at the moment so we 'll just have some music now .
18 Music will be stored in such small compartments that people wo n't even have record collections that people wo n't even have record collections any more , they 'll just have this sort of cartridge that plays things . ’
19 I 'll just close that door for a minute , because my
20 So we 'll just use this equation .
21 ‘ I 'll just put some newspaper round them to keep them together , ’ said Perks .
22 I think we 'll just wipe that mess , mind your fingers you dilly
23 Well we do n't need to put that on , we 'll just take that home with us .
24 Now if they 're multiplied or divided then you ca n't say , Oh well I 'll just take this bit and do that and then I 'll come back for the other one .
25 Shall I take an e no I 'll just take another tape along .
26 ‘ You 'll soon forget this part of your life , ’ she said to him , ‘ it will be like a bad dream . ’
27 You 'll soon finish that bottle !
28 Well , I 'm happy to say , you 'll soon have that opportunity … ’
29 he used an illustration of the pig , you know you can polish the pig up , you can clean it , you can scrub it , you can oh de cologne it , you can do all sorts of things with it , you can tie a nice pink ribbon around it and you can put it in a palace , but it 's still a pig and it lives like a pig and you can cl and no matter how clean you 've made it , it 'll soon find some dirt to wallow in and the ribbon might make it look nice in the show ground but it does n't make any difference to its nature and so it is with us and so Jesus did n't start on the outside , but he starts at the inside he deals with the route of the problem , in One Corinthians chapter fifteen and in verse three it says for I deliver to you as a first importance , this is the basic thing , he says to them this was the first thing that I said to you because it was the most important that Christ died for our sins , according to the scripture , what ever else Christ gives to us , what ever else he does for us , what ever else the gospel produces , the basic , the most important , the fundamental thing is that Christ died for our sins .
30 Do you reckon we 'll still know each other ?
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