Example sentences of "good [noun sg] of [noun] over " in BNC.

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1 To someone accustomed by the existing advanced accounting courses , with no involvement in the National Certificate , the proposals seemed somewhat revolutionary and the document generated a good deal of discussion over the following few weeks on the relative merits of the B1 and B2 models etc .
2 The programmers in the company initially had a good deal of control over the computer installation , which provoked management to cut down their influence .
3 From the Carlowitz peace negotiations with the Habsburgs in 1699 , successive grand viziers began to leave him a good deal of control over foreign affairs , though he again was also entrusted with a wide variety of other and quite different functions .
4 There is a good deal of controversy over this issue .
5 There is a good deal of confusion over the use of concepts to analyse the institutions and processes of policy-making .
6 Other polls have been published in the newspapers , however , and the issue has gained a good deal of attention over the past few weeks .
7 Constanze was to spend a good deal of time over the next two years at Baden , where her husband often visited her .
8 The key to a healthy , nourishing diet for children is variety — aim to give your child a good range of foods over the course of a week or so and you can be pretty certain she 'll get the nutrients she needs .
9 Poets had found their way over ( and sometimes back , to tell the tale ) ; so had a good number of priests over the centuries , and hermits , meditating on their essence so hard the In Ovo enveloped them and spat them into another world .
10 This gives a good spread of fruit over a large area and the annual production is easier to control because the number of fruiting buds can be increased or decreased .
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