Example sentences of "may be [verb] [prep] be " in BNC.

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1 Since the identity of one 's sexual partner may be assumed to be of fundamental significance , it is surely unjustified to give effect to this only where the mistake concerns whether the man is the woman 's husband ?
2 Simple pre-exposure may be assumed to be an effective method for reducing associability because it allows the rapid formation either of a strong stimulus — no event association or of associations among stimulus elements , just as consistent reinforcement allows the rapid formation of a strong CS-US association .
3 Donaldson may be assumed to be referring to the Duke of Hamilton 's mausoleum at Hamilton Palace which Bryce executed after Burn had departed for London .
4 This means that prices and wages may be assumed to be fixed in the short-run .
5 Your salary is £8,250 exclusive of live-in benefits , which may be assumed to be equivalent to a further 20 per cent .
6 Power costs may be assumed to be 5.5p per kw/hr .
7 The difference between the two types of selection may be assumed to be of psycholinguistic importance .
8 These ‘ leaders ’ may be assumed to be aware of each other 's power and reliably to report it .
9 This type of deformation causes no dilatation and so the observed effects may be assumed to be due to one causes only — structural rearrangements which do not cause a change of volume .
10 This asserts that the demand for a company 's equity may be assumed to be flat ( perfectly elastic ) for all practical purposes and hence increases in supply will have no discernible effect on the price .
11 This jealousy may be felt to be like Othello 's in having more to do with difference of race , and with the jealousies of race , than the jealous man , or than the work he belongs to , seems disposed to state .
12 Yet again , the optimal solution may be felt to be unsatisfactory and further reflection reveal that the reason for this is that some aspect of the problem has not been modelled adequately .
13 This may be felt to be a relatively radical conclusion — namely , that emotions , or affect on the normal human adult level , should be regarded as a symbolically generalized system , that is never ‘ id-impulse ’ as such .
14 Suggested Compromises : The Purchaser to have the right of rescission for breaches which are ‘ so material ’ that they effectively change the nature of what the Purchaser thought it was acquiring ; any such compromise should ideally specify the measure of materiality either by reference to a specific amount of money or a percentage of the value of the business to be acquired although this may be felt to be impossible to quantify ; or
15 As a result of strong growth , firms hope to become sufficiently large to make a " name " and thus attract new issuers and build placing power , an objective that may be felt to be consistent with long term profit maximisation .
16 it may be flattering to be taken for the head of the firm if you are not , but it is not good business , and sound progress can not be made with anyone on a false footing , in fact , it must be obvious that the greater the respect you hold and encourage towards any of your seniors , the better the position they will be in to assist you in any difficulties which may arise .
17 Or , further , is it possible to incorporate in the framework of the state itself some provision or institution by which a governmental act or command ultra vires may be declared to be such , and subjects therefore exempted from its operation and released from any legal obligation to observe or obey it ?
18 When the visiting spouse is accompanied by offspring or other family members , further modification of the partners ' behaviour may be perceived to be necessary .
19 Its existence may be conceded to be a matter of political fact , but its normative content is a matter of law : the courts are required to enforce the terms of the most recent statement of Parliament 's will , expressed in the usual form …
20 Such central government responsibility as exists may be sought to be discharged in a variety of ways .
21 Simple practice without analysis may be seen to be part of the craft tradition ; crafts people and their wares not being subject to literary criticism in the way that arts people are and historically have been .
22 These equations may be seen to be identical to ( 12.32 ) and ( 12.33 ) with Ψ and Φ replacing X and w .
23 To cooperate may be defined as to work together or to operate jointly-These terms are therefore not dissimilar , yet co-ordination may be seen to be of a higher level and a more difficult operation than co-operation .
24 The London market may be seen to be increasingly dominated by eight firms , five of whom are true international firms — owning and controlling a wide network of offices worldwide — and three local firms .
25 The person who comes to an interview smelling unfavourably may be seen to be a ‘ bad ’ applicant .
26 There is a readily identified ‘ central government interest ’ within the state of destination where considerations of sovereignty may be seen to be involved and where some knowledge of the nature of the documents is necessary if the state of destination is to be sure that its public policy ( e.g. as to bank secrecy ) is not offended .
27 Before turning to the competing interests and engaging in the balancing exercise , it is necessary to consider who is the public authority who may be seen to be exercising the interference referred to in article 10(1) .
28 From this viewpoint , cost simply becomes one of many ways in which the product may be seen to be different from others .
29 Any initial work in multicultural mathematics may be seen to be tokenistic , especially if the only obvious reason for its inclusion is that it represents other cultures .
30 Substituting into the right-hand side of ( 8–47 ) , and using ( 8–49 ) and ( 8–50 ) , it may be seen to be proportional to .
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