Example sentences of "may be [verb] [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 A single dose may be needed to reduce a markedly elevated blood glucose and then glycaemic control may be maintained with twice-daily injections .
2 Secondly , it acts as a source of capital and labour which can be indirectly utilised by other forms of capital that may be operating in different spheres of the economy .
3 Housing requirements may alter as families move through life , and different types of financial commitments may be undertaken at different points in the life-cycle .
4 It is worth noting that imaginative use of unsophisticated technology ( as discussed in Chapter 7 ) can aid this part of an investigation , enabling a large volume of activities that may be undertaken by specified functional groups to be readily summarised .
5 Although there have been some investigations of a functional kind relating soil erosion amount to controlling variables in areas like Zimbabwe ( Stocking , 1977 ) , studies of soil loss are potentially very useful ( Stocking , 1980 ) and may be undertaken by detailed process investigations which are usually concerned with parts of the erosion process or with laboratory measurements ( e.g. De Ploey , 1983 ) , by empirical investigations which monitor output in relation to input and use a relation similar to the Universal Soil Loss equation ; and factorial survey methods which Stocking ( 1980 ) visualizes as analysis and collation of the spatial pattern of all factors which relate to soil loss erosion .
6 The design , costing , supervision and execution of a project may be undertaken by different individuals within the organisation but by informal agreement , not legally based demarcation .
7 However , the method is viable because the sample may be matched to objective criteria or proportions in a manner that is appropriate to the particular research exercise .
8 This is thought to facilitate moving around on twigs and branches which , for a bird that lays its eggs in nests that may be hidden in thick vegetation , is an advantage .
9 These defects , which are bubbles , cracks and delaminations , are not necessarily visible even under the highest magnifications of optical or electron microscopes as they may be hidden by other elements of the circuit in layers above the flaw .
10 Nor is it a weighted argument to suggest that when teachers find that their school may be blackballed in future schemes of co-operation with other local schools they might not notice if in fact they had felt little practical benefit from any co-operation in the past .
11 Struggles between elites may be conducted in various ways .
12 Part 1 deals with the fundamentals , and begins by explaining how polymer molecules may be treated as spring-bead chains in which the molecules are treated as a sequence of spring-like beads .
13 Seizures may be treated with intravenous benzodiazepines — for example , diazepam 2.5–5 mg — or short acting barbiturates — for example , sodium pentothal 25–50 mg — and very large amounts of anticonvulsants may be required .
14 Thus , if Nissan gains market share at the expense of cars which would have been manufactured in the UK anyway , problems may be caused for other companies , especially Rover which relies principally on the UK market for its sales .
15 Physical indications that may be caused by defective vision : unusual head position while working ( poking forward or held sideways ) ; work held at an unusual distance or angle ; frowning , squinting or facial grimaces when trying to read ; complaints of headache or dizziness during visual activities ; covering one eye with the hand , or closing it ; aversion to bright light .
16 The low birthweight may be caused by external factors , such as smoking during pregnancy ; premature babies , which may result from insufficient standards of antenatal care , will be highly prone to early infection .
17 Such market effects may be caused by changing consumer attitudes , for instance in the UK to the wearing of fur or seal-skin clothing ; or by direct legislative interference .
18 Third , blocks may be caused by toxic substances inhibiting the function of an enzyme or enzymes .
19 Persistent leg pain may be caused by varicose veins .
20 This means that several hundred of the 40,000 deaths from lung cancer each year may be caused by passive smoking .
21 This question is as important for interests theories as it is rarely discussed , for harm to interests may be caused by remote actors .
22 Recent evidence favours the idea that inflammatory bowel disease may be caused by mesenteric vasculitis .
23 Such breaks , which occur in deep mountain valleys more often than in lowland valleys , are not always easy to interpret , as similar forms may be caused by lithological differences or by glaciation .
24 Aggression may be caused by nagging pain , which your dog is unable to express to you , and which is soothed by acupuncture .
25 Other fears may be caused by unpleasant shock or injury .
26 With this in mind , many companies give the customer the benefit of the doubt when this does not involve high cost , even though they suspect that the fault may be caused by inappropriate use of the product on the part of the customer ; for example , garden fork manufacturers may replace prematurely broken forks , even though the break may have been caused by work for which the fork was not designed .
27 Such a sub-lithospheric thermal anomaly may be generated by a mantle plume , an upwelling of hot mantle originating deep in the Earth 's interior , possibly at the core-mantle boundary ; alternatively , it may be caused by localized heating at shallower depths in the mantle .
28 Other types of mental handicap may be caused by genetic disorders , although not specifically related to chromosomes .
29 Exemptions may be granted on specified grounds with respect to a particular " class of goods " ( Resale Prices Act 1976 , ss14-21 ) .
30 It is proposed , therefore , to establish a separate scheme under which options may be granted to overseas employees in excess of the £100 000 limit up to four times annual remuneration .
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