Example sentences of "because it is [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 In thinking of these local enclaves , my Irish island is a misleading parallel because it is physically cut off .
2 One state Department cable to the US ambassador in Teheran asked him to remind the Shah the reforms were necessary " because it is generally agreed that without some reforms Iran as likely as Khrushchev predicted to fall to Soviets like ripe plum "
3 English was chosen , not just because the majority of its students are female , but because it is generally looked upon by commentators ( e.g. P. Scott 1984 ) , as the ‘ central liberal discipline ’ .
4 If kung fu kicks are to be effective , they must be delivered from the correct distance : if a kick falls short because it is badly timed , the kicker is placed at a disadvantage .
5 The study of technology is important in its own right , but it also deepens our understanding of a society as a whole because it is intimately connected with the way in which people are organised and the structure of their economy .
6 Athletes such as Boris Becker are fans of the fruit because it is easily digested to provide an instant energy high .
7 Meanwhile , in place of his ideal he substituted ‘ rough trade ’ , favoured by other homosexuals of his class partly because it is easily discarded .
8 And that this , according to ancient legend , is because it is largely made of gold ? ’
9 The inversion of the unison ( the octave ) is omitted , because it is largely avoided in twelve-note music through its tendency to dominate as a tonal centre .
10 In reviewing recent empirical work on women 's consciousness , Beechey ( 1983 ) notes that : women 's class consciousness , because it is largely mediated through husbands ' employment , tends to be weaker than men 's ; many women , under the influence of capitalist and male-dominated ideology , remain unconscious of their gender-related disadvantages ; women 's consciousness probably varies over their life cycle ; and it is fractured and contradictory .
11 There is no official collection because it is immediately picked over by a series of scavengers — first adults , then children , then dogs and cats .
12 It is also a familiar method because it is already required by SSAP 21 to be used by lessees to account for their obligations under finance leases .
13 An addition may nut he able to take up its home address , because it is already occupied by a synonym from some other address .
14 Proviso ( a ) It is difficult to understand this defence because it is already included within the statutory definition of merchantibility as it will affect the description under which the goods are sold .
15 Failure to clear it can only add to the guilt because it is also robbing a relationship the transparency that it lives on .
16 Not entirely that because it is also to do with the mechanism by which government grant is distributed .
17 This issue will be discussed first in this section because it is controversial and because it is also related to the issues of salinisation and soil erosion which will be examined below .
18 Migration ( Figure 4.5B ) has played the key role in these growth patterns — indeed , to a greater extent than might be expected from the overall rates of population change , because it is also compensating for substantial natural decrease in some of the fastest growing counties , principally those noted as retirement areas like East and West Sussex , the Isle of Wight , Dorset and Devon ( Figure 4.5A ) .
19 You probably already know what a larva is because it is also known as a caterpillar .
20 This , he says , is simply because it is well constructed in the manufacturing process , and quality always pays .
21 It would be hard to miss the path out of Thwaite , because it is well signposted by a farmer who has painted " Pennine Way , single file " on every stone or stump available , and why not ?
22 I read your article Two Decades in the Life of the World ( NI 200 ) with both pleasure — because it is well written — and despair , because development has been thrown into reverse .
23 This comes as a great shock to me because it is well understood that anyone who does not like Erich Kleiber 's conducting must be a Nazi ! ’
24 There is an argument for keeping the word ‘ converts ’ because it is well understood .
25 If the system does not provide for supervision , then the health authority could be primarily liable because it is well established that doctors need to do their training on the job .
26 It is somewhat paradoxical that structural shift does not appear to have been a major factor in productivity growth after the war , because it is well known that structural imbalances contributed substantially to unemployment between the wars .
27 However , as far as churches and some other faith communities are concerned , City Challenge and the new Urban Partnership Fund are of limited significance ; the former because it is geographically limited to small areas of Bradford and Kirklees , and the latter because it is so meagre ; its national total of £20 million equals only twice the annual Urban Programme receipts in our three districts ( £10.8 million in 1992/3 ) .
28 Lakatos 's account was presented first in this book because it is best seen as a culmination of the Popperian programme and as a direct response to and an attempt to improve on the limitations of Popperian falsificationism .
29 At best it provides us with a partial and intensely partisan perspective because it is keenly committed to the view from the top — to the view of those who are more in control than controlled , and who are , therefore , centrally concerned to secure political stability and sustain a particular pattern of economic relations based on the economic order of capitalism and the free market .
30 Alpha is not hard to find , because it is decidedly isolated and forms an equilateral triangle with Regulus and Pollux ; it is of type M , and very red as seen with any binoculars .
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