Example sentences of "all over the city " in BNC.

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1 He was used to walking all over the city , as if searching , as if dedicated to the act of searching , every single day ; and now he came to The Bar every single night , and did his searching there .
2 He does n't only own the warehouse but has property dotted all over the city .
3 The teaching faculties and administrative offices are scattered all over the city but , forming a wonderful backdrop to King 's Parade , stands the Senate House .
4 Silence was descending all over the city .
5 It 's the main ‘ motorway ’ through the city , and there are a dozen or so stalls on the Rialto selling souvenirs — including the painted masks you 'll see on sale all over the city .
6 You 'll get cries of innocence from all over the City , of course .
7 His mother had said that it was all very well to mock but she had stood many long hours at auctions all over the city finding the right pieces .
8 Over forty-five gigantic works of Social Realism have been dismantled from sites all over the city and hauled to a 1.5 hectare sculpture park on the southern outskirts of the Hungarian capital .
9 All over the city are huge building sites where the sun pours into vast craters .
10 From all over the city
11 All over the city , all over Ireland , now , people would be pausing to recite a prayer .
12 He walked all over the city , looking for windswept gateways and corridors with notice-boards in them .
13 All over the City , people were killing each other , having torrid affairs in seedy motel rooms , stealing bodies from the morgue , working late on revolutionary inventions , hiding out from the cops , waiting for the locksmith , running numbers , rock ‘ n ’ rolling at the high-school hop , praying at the bedsides of white-haired mothers , looking for the uranium in the wine cellar , describing their dreams to sage psychoanalysts , rehearsing for the big show , escaping across the rooftops .
14 At midnight the church bells are sounded all over the city and the sky is full of all varieties of fireworks .
15 This one is run by a non-governmental organization , the CDA , which works with 63 such groups all over the city , promoting literacy , health and nutrition .
16 Black spectators stood and applauded as the sentences were imposed and Hawkins 's father later described the prison terms as " a small joy for myself but a great victory for black people all over the city " .
17 As the clocks chimed and struck all over the city he would stroll down the Broad , along St Giles and round by the Parks …
18 You 'll what you 'll end up with is different organisations managing houses scattered all over the city .
19 All over the city church bells tolled and the locals hurried to Mass , while groups of tourists crocodiled after their guides , already appearing hot and tired and largely indifferent , snapping innumerable pictures simply because Venice was on the day 's agenda .
20 Soccer-mad males can be seen all over the city , armed with their kits , taking on their colleagues in five-a-side games at local leisure centres .
21 ‘ We have seen that spirit all over the city since April last year . ’
22 The residents , from all over the city , are furious that the Housing and Urban Development Bill will take away their right to veto the contracting out of housing management .
23 First , came that Sunday when members of the congregation , with the help of friends from all over the City and beyond , even via Tiberias , on Lake Galilee , set to work to prepare the whole church for Christian Aid .
24 All over the City , people were waiting for us , with books and many other ‘ things past and present ’ .
25 Many drivers cheerfully collected loads that were offered from all over the city , and gradually with their help and that of certain ‘ able-bodied men and women ’ mountains of books accumulated in the Davidson Room , while the Undercroft cupboard soon became a veritable Aladdin 's Cave of ‘ Unwanted Gifts ’ .
26 There are six , two in one department and four in another , I believe it is. erm if you look at erm the way our departments are dotted all over the City , on expensive leases in fact , we 've taken property after property to accommodate our staff and they all need cleaners , so on and so forth .
27 And there are places all over the City .
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