Example sentences of "spread over the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 When the weather has entered a relatively rain free period , but when cloud cover is moderately dense and uniform , but not too low — when the prevailing light is evenly spread over the landscape , with no parts over bright or too deep in shadow — when the wind is still or gently fitful , a magic prevails everywhere upon the Wolds , and it comes from within the chalk .
2 Blend two teaspoons of mild mustard with one teaspoon of butter and spread over the toast .
3 Days with measurable rainfall ( >0.2mm ) are fairly evenly spread over the year , with monthly averages ranging from 17 to 26 , and a total of 263 days ( Manley 1979 ) , of which 200 are ‘ wet ’ , with more than 1 mm recorded .
4 The five shading symbols are also more equally spread over the map area .
5 If we take a view about fairness , then the funding of capital schemes is fairer if the charge and the cost of the those schemes is spread over the life of the the asset .
6 The position can be even further distorted by votes for a particular party being concentrated in a particular region or locality , as opposed to being evenly spread over the country as a whole .
7 And in all Western European countries the state is increasingly involved in trying to ensure that the system works , proper standards are met , that facilities are reasonably equally spread over the country and so on .
8 It had spread over the jungle and then had devoured the marshland .
9 Thinly slice the bananas and spread over the base of a buttered 1.8 ltr ( 3½ pt ) soufflé or ovenproof dish .
10 Pioneering scholarship in the 1960s by Rudé and Rose suggested that food rioting first occurred in Oxfordshire in the closing years of the seventeenth century and then spread over the South and West and into the Midlands , but were uncommon in the northern counties .
11 Animal and human manure was spread over the land , and about twenty tons might be used on the single acre if root crops were being grown .
12 It will leave behind it a carpet of hot foam spread over the road .
13 The heap of logs , probed and hauled apart days since , had spread over the woodland ride and into the tangle of grass and undergrowth among the trees .
14 Trim the edges and spread over the jam .
15 If spread over the whole of the department 's research budget , the shortfall in the two areas would mean that between 25 and 40 per cent of the cash allocated for 1982–83 has remained unspent .
16 Yes , a lot of those are actually spread over the whole of the U K.
17 so they get er spread over the whole th the population
18 Then clean the piece of glass really thoroughly , first washing and then drying it , either with a proper glass cloth so that no pieces of lint are spread over the surface , or using a proprietary glass cleaning product and a suitable cloth .
19 They are not very efficient at working in raw manure , but will mix in proprietary composted manure and bark spread over the surface .
20 The water is equally spread over the surface of the earth there are no tides okay .
21 His head was lying in the crook of her arm and the flat of his hand was spread over the bulge of her stomach .
22 The cloth is then carefully spread over the board and folded over the back , overlapping by about one inch .
23 When the average intelligent person sees the wreckage of a crashed aircraft greatly disintegrated and spread over the accident site , the question he would put to the investigator is almost invariably the same : ‘ How on earth can you find out the cause of that mess ? ’
24 ‘ Shouting at me is n't a lot of help , ’ Polly blazed , flinging pencil and ruler down on the chart spread over the tray balanced on her knee , then lifting her head to glare at him .
25 ( One notable relic is the second volume ( Men ) of a two-volume group entitled Things and Men : it is full of snippets of conversation and descriptions spread over the period 1897 to 1910 , frequently used in his books and papers in order to restrain his fancy and keep his feet firmly on the ground . )
26 A slow grin spread over the ambulance driver 's face .
27 The glass rocked and wavered for an instant before it fell and a dark pool of wine spread over the tablecloth between them .
28 The bottom surface of the enclosure is lined with tin and a 1in-thick layer of fine sand spread over the tin into which the fire brick is set .
29 The costs of such facilities are , however , spread over the population as a whole .
30 In accordance with the applicable accounting standard , the surplus on the group 's UK pension fund has been spread over the average of the expected remaining service lives of current employees ( 12 years ) as a variation from regular cost .
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