Example sentences of "does not go far " in BNC.

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1 The 31-year-old ex-paratrooper 's prize for retaining his title at Wembley on Saturday night was £10,000 , which does not go far for a full-time body builder who downs half a dozen eggs after his breakfast cereal and eight to 10 chicken breasts a day when ‘ bulking up ’ .
2 But the US Environmental Protection Agency has decided that the voluntary withdrawal does not go far enough .
3 This would be useful , but it does not go far enough .
4 As I said before , the Handbook of Human Intelligence is excellent as far as it goes , but it certainly does not go far enough ; perhaps the second edition will improve on this sad state of affairs !
5 A rise in numbers would by itself help to explain why the upper classes were looking for new and wider choice of occupation ; it does not go far towards explaining the popularity of Cîteaux .
6 The NSPCC view is that while the current Criminal Justice Act will introduce some welcome improvements , it does not go far enough .
7 While his conclusions may be correct — and we discuss this at greater length in the next chapter — his evidence , unfortunately , does not go far enough to give weight to them .
8 Although para 8(a) of FRS1 refers to ss 248 and 249 CA 1985 , it does not go far enough to state properly whether the exemption does in effect apply to a small group .
9 Sociologists influenced by a more Marxist approach accept the importance of this work , but maintain that it does not go far enough .
10 However Candle believes its current incarnation — Data Facility/System-Managed Storage — does not go far enough : gathering statistics from the Gartner Group , International Data Corp and Xephon Plc , Candle suggests that mainframe disk requirements are growing at 28% per year , while at the same time only around 50% to 75% of the space is actually used .
11 However , it does not go far enough .
12 New clause 33 does not go far enough .
13 The 26 environmental groups that make up the Everglades Coalition say the agreement does not go far enough , failing to tackle the problem of how to restore the natural rise and fall of water in the swamps , which has been disrupted by dikes , canals and other human intervention .
14 For those who are mainly literary specialists it may be sufficient ; readers of a journal like this may well feel that this book does not go far enough .
15 But this does not go far enough for us and er shortly we will be moving another amendment which will take the council 's budget down to the standard spending assessment and I will speak to that er when I come to move that amendment .
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