Example sentences of "over a longer period " in BNC.

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1 Can I extend my covenant , if I wish to continue making payments over a longer period ?
2 For instance we can suggest ways of rescheduling the payments over a longer period .
3 They have given staff in schools the space to meet as a group and get to terms with issues over a longer period , complementing the series of other meetings and team meetings that go on anyway .
4 Another reason for our inability to give accurate figures is due to the prevalence of several other types of population movement , some of them on a huge scale , although extended over a longer period .
5 Unlike offices , the level of income fluctuates although sometimes over a longer period it fluctuates at a higher level than commercial .
6 The run-down was to be stretched over a longer period and the agreed strength raised from Sandys ’ proposed 45,000 to 55,000 .
7 It means you have to keep club staff there for a lot longer , till about 6.30 , and that people spend their money over a longer period of time .
8 For a start , it allows spreading to be carried over a longer period during the winter months ( Table 1 ) .
9 The examination of all the images produced during a particular period or of a selection of images over a longer period will often provide a good idea of how the relevant state or regime wished to represent itself .
10 Over a longer period , substances produced in quantities of between 10 and 1000 tpa will be covered , while substances of which less than 10 tpa are produced annually will not come within the scope of the programme for the time being .
11 If stable over a longer period , the presence or absence of trimer structures at certain positions on a surface could act as bits of digital data .
12 An additional incentive is that a garden , in contrast to its associated historic building , does not always need substantial sums for major fabric repairs at the outset and can be revived over a longer period of time .
13 Nor did she see coherence over a longer period partly because her own world was a social one dominated by friends , clothes , music and beckoning adulthood .
14 However , if it were possible to keep careful watch over a longer period , you would discover two interesting things .
15 Spruce needles certainly take longer to decay than some other leaves , releasing humic acid over a longer period but at a slower rate , but being a long standing constituent of the northern latitudes coniferous belt , spruce ( Picea ) is quite compatible with lakes well stocked with fish .
16 Perhaps it is because a predator is able to find and eat relatively large numbers of aposematic prey in a short space of time , and that the high initial rate of feeding produces a more powerful reinforcement than a greater number of prey eaten over a longer period .
17 However , this is an aspect that must be studied closely over a longer period , for there is a danger in some of the inner-city schemes of officially-induced gentrification .
18 Light : Requires plenty of bright light over a longer period than is required by most other plants .
19 Light : Requires bright light over a longer period than is required for most aquarium plants .
20 Light : Needs very good light over a longer period than is used for other water plants Water temperature : 68°–78°F .
21 The next case might appear to be a bit shorter , but in fact it asks you to consider rather more factors , over a longer period , and from a rather higher management level .
22 But obviously a place not already converted would cost less initially , and the price of rebuilding would be spread over a longer period .
23 Other families need help over a longer period , although the group is careful not to overlap with the work of professional staff from the social services .
24 It is often preferable to offer the necessary quantity of food as two meals , morning and evening , so the dog 's stomach remains fuller over a longer period .
25 Despite the behind-the-scenes politics , the most likely outcome of a redesigned Freedom is a slowing of ESA 's programme to spread the costs over a longer period .
26 Pre-emptive local anaesthetic field block for inguinal herniorrhaphy resulted in reduced pain scores and a delay in requests for analgesia during the six hours studied by Ejlersen et al , but similar work detected no pre-emptive effect over a longer period .
27 These included offering customers with a repayment mortgage the option of extending the term up to 35 years , while endowment customers were told that they could spread the excess ( the difference between the amount borrowed and their present balance ) over a longer period .
28 Each period of observation or each sequence of periods of observation , possibly on different days ( or over a longer period ) will provide a longitudinal ‘ case ’ study of six pupils ' affective responses to computer-assisted learning and non-computer-assisted learning .
29 Complex carbohydrates on the other hand , e.g. pasta , release energy over a longer period of time .
30 The changes that occurred in the City 's international role over the 1960s and '70s are explained and discussed in J. Coakley and L. Harris , The City of Capital ( Oxford , Basil Blackwell ; 1983 ) ; the international role of the City over a longer period is discussed in depth in L. Harris , T. Evans , J. Coakley and M. Croasdale , New Directions in the Financial System ( London , Croom Helm ; 1988 ) .
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