Example sentences of "even [conj] [pron] [verb] the " in BNC.

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1 It was far easier than might now be supposed to remain ignorant of the deplorable housing in English cities , even where it affected the great majority , as in the London of Little Dorrit , with its 10,000 responsible houses and 50,000 lairs , ‘ where people lived so unwholesomely , that fair water put into their crowded rooms on Saturday night , would be corrupt on Sunday morning ’ .
2 For the visual computations algorithmically defined by Ullman do not depend on high-level processes capable of identifying ( recognizing ) objects as members of a specific class : the system does not need to know that an object is a fish , or even that it has the 3-D shape that it has , in order to know that it is an object .
3 However , even if one takes the view that King 's Cross is essential , there are better and more appropriate ways of building and developing a new station at King 's Cross than the one that British Rail has effectively forced upon us .
4 Even if one acknowledges the significance of the state itself as an agency , there is a danger that it may be given a role which is too sharply independent .
5 Even if one assumed the uptake of Ac-ASA to be the total measured drug , including the adherent component ( 30.7 nmol/g dry weight ) , it would still be significantly inferior to the uptake of 5-ASA .
6 But one is narrowly neutral even if one provides the Reds with normal food supplies .
7 In this case , even if one reinforces the claim by supposing that littering is illegal , the answer must be No .
8 In this first category we consider three main criticisms : ( a ) that the model developed in chapter 4 can not account for a major feature of all economies ; ( b ) that the model relies for all its results on very simple specifications of the aggregate supply and demand curves ; and ( c ) that even if one accepts the model as it stands governments might effectively stabilize the economy if they possess better information about the economy than the private sector , or indeed if different parts of the private sector possess different information .
9 Furthermore , even if one accepts the validity of non-empirical interpretations , it is not known at what age young people would perceive the advertisements in similar terms .
10 Even if one accepts the figures , it is apparent that four out of five fatal accidents are caused by people who are stone-cold sober .
11 One might answer in this case that it is also a typical feature of speech , so should probably be analysed as a contraction and for this reason avoided in academic writing — even if one accepts the idea of a regional/class standard .
12 In my guts I feel that , even if everything goes the best it possibly can for me , my life has changed completely and forever .
13 Most British firms even if they recognize the problem , do n't do anything about it .
14 Most of the rotundas , however , provoked a sombre reaction , though Ladislav pointed out that many of the younger people would not have recognised the faces of Novotný and Gottwald even if they knew the names .
15 And remember , Roger , the thread had been removed , the fuse destroys itself , and people coming in and out of the room , once the bed was on fire , would scarcely think it suspicious even if they saw the odd burn mark on the floor .
16 Even if they had the space , the concept is riddled with conflict .
17 It is therefore difficult to train such staff , even if they had the time and inclination to practise the skills necessary .
18 Barn owls are susceptible to bad weather , though , because a hard winter can kill their food supply even if they resist the cold themselves .
19 Even if they prefer the uncertainty principle ?
20 There was here some enquiry and the that enquiry as a matter of public policy I understand the documents are n't to be available , even if they assist the police , or if they assist the other side .
21 But the complication of such an operation would be considerable ; and it is reasonable to say that the entire population of the Pacific nations , even if they inhabit the Atlantic seaboard , can make use of the goods that are carried across the Pacific Ocean .
22 " Why did n't you use anything ? " is a familiar question , and there are various explanations — getting pregnant may have an unreal quality about it , something which younger teenagers in particular may feel , and even if they know the risks they assume that they 'll be lucky .
23 But then even if they do that and even if they get the franchise , they 're not going to be able to say , we can now hold on to it for five , or seven , years , however long the franchise is going to be , because if another bidder comes along in the meantime and says , we rather like this ourselves , they 'll be thrown off .
24 If the bizarre characters were favoured by female choice , or in male competition , they could be maintained even if they decreased the viability of their bearers : the advantage in sexual success could compensate the disadvantage in viability .
25 Both mothers could take legal action against the hospital even if they have the correct child .
26 This failing , it is suggested , is often compounded by the use of obscure , abstract terminology which teachers simply do not have the time ( even if they have the inclination ) to penetrate .
27 Second , households with different compositions will have different patterns of demand , even if they have the same income .
28 Even if they have the papers , they wo n't show them to you . ’
29 Even if they escape the attentions of the horsefly larvae , the young toads are still not safe .
30 Most naturalists thought that there was some sort of underlying pattern in Nature , even if they found the circles a little too artificial a representation of the pattern .
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