Example sentences of "even [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Academic English was a recent invention , largely of the inter-war years ; and even where it existed it had commonly stopped with the early nineteenth century .
2 There is little right of reply on radio and television and even where it exists it is not particularly likely to be heard by the audience of the original programme .
3 ‘ We have both learnt our dialectic in the academic arena where knocks that would frighten the London literary coteries are given and taken in good part ; and even where you think me sometimes too pert you will not suspect me of malice .
4 Robert O'Mahoney 's King , a ‘ dynamotologist ’ — ‘ self-realisation , you know ? ’ — is the picture of a man floundering around in the deep end of life , who has forgotten not only how to swim , but even where he left his life jacket .
5 The stairs creaked even where he placed his feet carefully at the wall side and the ludicrous self-portrait of himself as a householder properly armed with a poker going upstairs to hunt burglars made him stop to tauten his thoughts .
6 even though you know Even although you know it .
7 Practise writing even although you think you 're rotten at it .
8 ‘ Better even than you promised me .
9 My main point is , though , not simply that the Webbs ' own general prospectus was wrong , nor even that it misdirected their appraisal of Owen .
10 Even if one thinks one 's own company will not reduce costs further , it is dangerous to make the same assumption for one 's rivals .
11 Does my right hon. Friend agree that even if one ignores what is happening in the former USSR , there are other countries in the world that are potential aggressors and which either have nuclear capacity or may be near to acquiring it ?
12 The chantry certificates of 1545 , even if one accepts their record of communicants in the parishes as accurate , do not cover the whole country , and again there is uncertainty as to the proportion of the population below communicant age .
13 Even if they stop you on a busy shopping morning and ask you to sign petitions ? ’
14 To some extent the technology people are to blame for being too optimistic but they realised that if they spelled out the true uncertainty ( even if they knew it ) there would have been no investment at all , In the end the project is abandoned or has become so expensive that it can never be profitable .
15 If this were the case then a junction would only be more likely to be recalled if the subject had actually felt at risk even if they knew it to be a generally dangerous junction .
16 Since they would n't want to declare their real objective , even if they had one , they see little point in having one at all .
17 In the church , the blacks have no hymnbooks , and we are told that even if they had them they probably could not read them , showing that the blacks are oppressed and have no opportunity of an education .
18 And I 'd swear to that on a stack of any books you consider sufficiently sacred , even if they burn my hypothetical fingers . ’
19 Such a placing also ensures that insects coming to feed on it , even if they seek nothing else , are dusted with the pollen that the plants require them to carry .
20 Even if they evict us , or break up the camp or deliver the fucking things — it 'll go on .
21 I should n't care to work for them even if they asked me . ’
22 At the back of their minds many girls feel that perhaps , even if they told their parents , they would fail to understand , or take in a situation so different from their own educational experiences .
23 But do n't waste it on me in any case : I would n't believe Six even if they told me they were lying .
24 I would n't do it even if they offered me loads of money .
25 ‘ That 'll cost them the turn-out prize even if they win everything else .
26 She knew that writing his name was never going to get him back , even if they wrote it hundreds of times in the most beautiful book in the world .
27 Then , even if they lose their foliage in summer , they will surge into growth again in October , as mine did last year .
28 Even if they locked him in a dark cell and pulled out all his teeth with rusty pliers , he must keep his promise to Sweetheart and tell them nothing .
29 And even if they meant him no threat , how could the Lord Owen be sure of it ?
30 Horses nearly always hesitate when they are led into a dark stable at night , even if they know their dinner is ready and waiting for them there .
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