Example sentences of "just [vb pp] back from [art] " in BNC.

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1 In fact , I 've just flown back from the States today , and you 'll be glad to hear that the doctors assured me that Liz and Owen are on the road to a full recovery . ’
2 ONLY a dealer who had just come back from a weekend in the Kalahari desert would have been surprised to hear of yesterday 's agreed £337.6m bid by MB Group for Caradon , the Twyfords and Everest building products group , so comprehensive has been the pre-match publicity .
3 Don Mini turned to one of the robins which had just come back from a practice flight with a child Minpin on its back .
4 A film editor friend has just come back from a couple of weeks of yoga , a music producer I know goes to St James , Piccadilly , where they have spiritual talks on a Monday evening , while a designer friend does Chi-Kung , a Chinese movement like Tai-Chi , where you have to ‘ stand like a tree ’ .
5 By the time he had taken her back to the theatre she felt totally removed from the morning , quite calm , controlled , almost as though she was nothing to do with the Hochhauser Season but had just come back from a week in Vienna staying at a luxury hotel .
6 ‘ I 've just come back from the Thomas Garlands ’ place , sir . ’
7 An Oxford aid worker who 's just come back from the Croatian capital Zagreb , says the situation there is getting out of hand .
8 I 'm not being rude now , I 've just come back from the Gambia and I have n't stopped
9 ‘ Dear Loretta , ’ she read , ‘ I 've just come back from an official trip to Italy , and I squeezed in a visit to a peace camp while I was there .
10 There is a dusting of snow in Cwm Glas Mawr and above , while clouds have just rolled back from the summit ridge .
11 The group 's clarinettist Tracy Redfern and flautist Philippa Bradford , Nicola 's older sister , have just got back from a visit to Germany with Kirklees junior wind band .
12 A.Q. : Towards five-thirty this morning , having just got back from the flower market , I was working in the front quarters of my shop when I got the idea I 'd heard a funny noise just outside the window …
13 Hello er , I 'm phoning on behalf of Mrs Ada er she 's got to come in for a scan on the fourth of February , nine o'clock , now we 've only just got back from the hospital today , cos she oh , she had to go today for one , yeah , and we 've just
14 Blue watchers are saying that IBM chief John Akers will be out by March or April and that the company in its infinite wisdom will give the job to one of those retired IBMers it just just brought back from the pasture , probably Kaspar Cassoni .
15 The duvet , I 'd just taken back from the dry cleaners !
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