Example sentences of "who have just be [vb pp] " in BNC.

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1 I drove into the mouth of a carnivorous wave with the reckless abandon of a man who has just been given a week to live .
2 A couple of hours after drafting this , I receive a call from a local health visitor asking advice about a child who has just been diagnosed .
3 South Africa have named for the same job , not a professional journalist , but Dr. Nick Labuschagne , a man who has just been ousted as President of the Natal Rugby Union .
4 Ms Achtenberg is an avowed lesbian who has just been confirmed as an assistant secretary in the department of Housing and Urban Development .
5 He looked like an airline passenger who has just been told that all four engines on his 747 have just failed .
6 Robert Burke , a Hartley regular , is Bill McCabe , a small-time conman who has just been dumped by his girl .
7 It 's like offering an elastoplast to somebody who has just been disembowelled .
8 The case of the chartered accountant who has just been found guilty of a serious reckless driving offence only came to the Institute 's attention by chance , when an Investigation Committee member heard about it on the radio .
9 I frowned like someone who has just been put on the spot and is afraid of making a fool of himself .
10 They got the idea when Rex , who 'd just been made redundant , was talking to a friend of his who was also out of work .
11 Rupert , who 'd just been appointed Tory Minister for Sport , eyed Mrs Sherwood back .
12 ‘ The look on your face was like a naughty schoolgirl who 'd just been caught with a stolen pie .
13 When Creed called , Jed was watching a news report about a vulture who 'd just been arrested on a murder charge .
14 " Take the Tran family over there who 've just been introduced to your father , for instance .
15 After 87 minutes Luton 's woe was complete as Sharp headed in a cross from Bernard , who had just been denied by another splendid stop from Chamberlain .
16 30th March 1808 ‘ saw a woman on Blackfriar 's Bridge who had just been killed by a horse which had run away — the horse was stopped just about half way between that market and the bridge , drank tea and supped with Mr. Hills — Mr. Pyne was there — met Mr. Reinagle ’ .
17 When Professor Aldini applied galvanism to the face of a felon who had just been cut down from the gallows ,
18 This included £329,000 to Iroquois , covering fees over the four-and-a-half months that he chaired Eagle , £33,000 to Iroquois ' lawyer and two blank cheques for £250,000 presented to Richard Smith and Clive Whiley , who had just been sacked as directors of Eagle .
19 Our fathers , who had just been demobbed , struggled to build
20 Winston Churchill , who had just been defeated as Liberal candidate for Leicester , West , declared that a Labour Government would be a ‘ national misfortune such as has usually befallen a great state only on the morrow of defeat in war ’ .
21 Everyone put on their coats and crowded to the gate with that mixture of patronage and curiosity reserved by old prisoners for those who had just been shot down .
22 But her terrifying three-hour ordeal ended when police overpowered Khamton Omvaree , in his thirties — who had just been freed from a 10-year sentence under a royal amnesty .
23 It was his grandson who , in 1831 , enlisted the help of a Lambton , who had just been made Earl of Durham , to prove his claim to the Earldom of Perth .
24 The kid gets on his bicycle ; for a few moments he wears the expression of someone who had just been made aware of his own mortality .
25 I can actually recall a press release which came to me about a a principal tourism officer who had just been appointed to be the head , you know the president for the year of his professional body , and in his own town a press release was put out in which his name was incorrectly spelt , and the conference at which he was about to be invested was actually taking , and I blush to say that it was in Brighton , I can only tell you when I got that press release I did what I frequently do , which is outline in highlighter the mistakes on the press release , put it back into the envelope and send it back to the relevant officer .
26 Pritt , MP , who had just been expelled from the Labour Party , its main support came from the Communists .
27 Five minutes later , he was joined by a UDA officer who had just been arrested .
28 By that time I was working as a registrar in an infectious diseases hospital and had been called out to see a very ill child who had just been admitted to the unit .
29 Management at Darlington 's Memorial Hospital introduced new procedures a few weeks ago when no food could be found in the hospital for a diabetic patient who had just been admitted .
30 The result was that a constituent of mine — and no doubt many hundreds of others who have just been referred to by the Minister as being included in the 1,200 people who received grants — was short changed and not given the full amount .
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