Example sentences of "who have [vb pp] [adv] of " in BNC.

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1 But it is Damon , fourth from the top , who has vaulted ahead of the others , thanks to the cutting-edge characters he developed for Keenan 's show : an angry circus clown , a flamboyant film reviewer , and , riskiest of all , Handiman , ah , uh , differently abled super-hero .
2 ‘ And so on — sympathetically , yet also with the indefinable remoteness of a woman speaking to someone , once close , who has faded out of her life .
3 Make a Fel test for the character who has done most of the talking .
4 Who has walked out of himself
5 I did n't find out he was the artist who 'd done all of the paintings until the end of the conversation and that was basically what ended the conversation : I just ran off !
6 While waiting , she gazed solemnly at the sinister Bridge of Sighs a few yards away and thought of the prisoners who 'd gazed out of its thickly grilled windows , looking for the last time on the beauties of Venice before they were incarcerated — or executed for causing the displeasure of powerful nobles .
7 The South Sussex team was also more than compensated by the rock solidarity of a boy called Paul Hedley at back , and the dazzling Sherwood brothers , Randolph and Merlin , who 'd pulled out of high goal polo for a fortnight to piss it up with the Pony Club .
8 She had no sympathy for the rich , spoiled girl who 'd walked out of her room and disappeared .
9 Meanwhile the argument between the vegetarians and the farmers over who 'd chickened out of the original challenge goes on .
10 He 's seen old people who 've moved out of homes before and they 've enjoyed it .
11 Traders who 've gone out of business in a showpiece shopping complex are suing the developers for damages .
12 I think about the year that 's gone past , perhaps , people who 've passed out of my life , and think of it as a new beginning , and I wish as Scots that we would hold on to it and perpetuate that tradition and get away from gathering around the T V in Hogmanay .
13 In Cairo , exhausted by the traumas of recent weeks , she had been concerned not only about the Shah and his morale , but also about their four children who had gone ahead of them to the states .
14 The Belgian , who had popped out of the clinches to snatch narrow verdicts in three mass sprint finishes , settled the race with a remarkable show in the 40km time trial .
15 On the way here this morning , the picture of the Carrie he had once known and played with … and loved , had been plain in his mind ; and the nearer he had come to the house where she now lived , he imagined the Carrie he expected to see would be merely an older replica of the one who had run out of his life the day his mother had hit him and knocked him out .
16 One evening in their local pub , the Dog & Rabbit , an old gentleman who had moved out of the district on retirement , returned to visit his daughter who lived in the area .
17 Stephen Gardiner , who was Secretary to King Henry VIII , and Edward Foxe , the King 's Almoner , lodged there in attendance on the King , who had moved out of London .
18 During the inter-war period , when housing expectations among women were rising , one Medical Officer of Health found that mortality rates amongst families who had moved out of a slum area into new council houses actually rose , because correspondingly less was being spent on food .
19 Meanwhile they replenished their land-holdings by conquest and by the confiscation of the estates of those who had fallen out of favour : rebels and criminals .
20 So she watched , and listened , and fell a little further , and when his bleep went she went back with him to the department and they worked side by side , communicating with a gesture or a word almost in silence , each anticipating the other 's needs as they dealt with a little girl who had fallen out of a tree and broken both arms and one leg .
21 Carpenter 's speed and control was even causing problems for Harris , himself no slouch , and Farnham 's hearts must have been in their mouths when the Cranleigh number 10 , having broken clear on the right , hit the deck after a late challenge by Cann who had raced out of his area .
22 He was the Republicans ' defeated presidential candidate in 1960 , and the man who had stomped out of a press conference in 1962 when he failed to win the governorship of California , telling the reporters that they would n't ‘ have Nixon to kick around any more ’ .
23 Sarah , who had leaned out of the window to see the house , sat down again , smiling and blinking at the water drawn into her eyes by the cold and the wind .
24 ITV had a good traditional Western on , in which the grizzled old sheriff ( played by a clapped-out Hollywood actor who had kept out of politics ) taught the rules of the game and his homespun philosophy to his tearaway young deputy ( played by a reformed pop star ) .
25 He listened to Nigel Cramer for several minutes , nodded and gave his own orders to the dozen men who had clambered out of the second and third helicopters .
26 Among the young couples moving into the area were those who had dropped out of church life when they had left home to go to university , or when they got married .
27 Bertie Ahern , who had dropped out of the leadership contest to assure Reynolds of victory , remained Finance Minister .
28 ‘ Lovat was enquiring about you earlier on , Piper , ’ shouted one of the medics who had come out of the barn to tend to the wounded .
29 We had just come out of a 12.30 matinee and the street was burning in the sun and those who had come out of the theatre was cool and real but the others in the street were moving in a white light that had them like shadows .
30 He followed her , howling and swearing , so that Teresa , who had come out of the kitchen at the tremendous noise , cowered against the door and put up her arms to protect herself from what she believed would be an attack .
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