Example sentences of "go a long way to " in BNC.

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1 In Fox 's case , practice obviously goes a long way to making perfect .
2 The actual construction of a carpet goes a long way to determining how long it will keep its original appearance .
3 The incident goes a long way to explaining Chapman 's later enthusiasm for floodlit football .
4 People do n't usually hit out unless they are upset or angry , so showing you understand their feelings goes a long way to preventing them from expressing that anger towards you .
5 In this way , the learner will gain confidence , and this goes a long way to promoting safe practice if at a later time adequate guidance and support are lacking .
6 Huntington 's argument goes a long way to making clear the disappointment a reader experiences if he approaches the Wellsian SF novels in chronological order .
7 After all , that is the first thing about us that others see and a well-groomed , well-dressed image reflected back at us from the mirror goes a long way to bolstering our private and public confidence .
8 This is a real advantage when using the A2 live and also goes a long way to keeping the engineer happy in the studio , without taking precious minutes to reprogram .
9 Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley is a regular , and the restaurant also goes a long way to explaining Home Secretary Kenneth Clarke 's well-rounded appearance .
10 Whether it 's a long-term or short-term problem you will find gentle exercise and relaxation through yoga will be beneficial to you mentally and physically , and we always find that a good massage goes a long way to easing tension and making you feel better .
11 The WYSIWYG add-in goes a long way to helping you see how your masterpiece will eventually print out — but only approximately ( it 's pretty much like Windows 1-2-3 in that respect ! ) .
12 Bourdieu goes a long way to remedying this defect in his treatment of actual practices in his structure ( fields ) .
13 That undoubtedly goes a long way to explaining the inspectors ' report .
14 The Law Society have now introduced the Client Care Scheme , which goes a long way to bonding this relationship at the outset .
15 Little was known about the products of many of these areas , and much research still needs to be done but Collecting Lustreware goes a long way to redressing the balance .
16 The figures for applications heard by a single Lord Justice and two and three Lords Justices went a long way to explaining why , despite the facts that the rate at which appeals were begun had shown little change over the years , there had been some small increase in judge-power and that major improvements had been made in the court 's procedures , the number of appeals outstanding at the end of each year and the lead times for hearing appeals showed no real improvement .
17 At last there was room for a central bureau of information , which went a long way to reducing the confusion caused by overlapping responsibilities .
18 He called in his full executive to meet us and I 'm sure at the end of the day that this meeting went a long way to the tour going ahead instead of being cancelled ’ .
19 Reluctant as he was to part with evidence that went a long way to exonerating Colin , he knew surrendering it voluntarily was vastly preferable to having it seized .
20 Those who question Taylor 's future were left to swallow a performance that went a long way to answering the questions against the England manager .
21 While the press , led by The Hindu , has gone a long way to proving that Bofors handed out millions of dollars to Indian middlemen , the identity of the ultimate recipients of the money remains a mystery .
22 In terms of the Midlands ' representation in the Premier League the game was wasted as Notts County 's victory is unlikely to save them while the three points would have gone a long way to ensuring Coventry 's place .
23 Cuba has gone a long way to reducing gender inequalities , though power relations still clearly favour men , a fact of which all Cubans , including their leaders , are very aware .
24 He is still extremely grateful to the SMH , though his results on behalf of the paper since have gone a long way to repaying any debt of gratitude .
25 You may not end up with an athlete 's heart through aerobic walking , but you will have gone a long way to improving its strength and efficiency , thus ensuring a longer and healthier life .
26 Even broken sets can fetch large sums , and a complete bound run is likely to cost the buyer anything up to £4,000 , which would have gone a long way to paying Ackermann 's army of workmen .
27 The crowd 's response to his resilient 6–4 , 7–5 , 6–4 defeat of a totally overawed Sampras , in his David Cup debut , plus their even greater support as he and Forget beat Ken Flach and the hapless Robert Seguso 6–1 , 6–4 , 4–6 , 6–2 , with flurries of brilliant winners in the doubles , must have gone a long way to at least dimming the memory of the cruel booing he received in 1988 when he struggled against Mats Wilander at Roland Garros in the final of the French Open and then again at Bercy the following November .
28 The computerised exchange — known as Direct Dialling In ( DDI ) — has already gone a long way to reducing delays for the thousands of callers daily using the Essex Rivers Healthcare Trust switchboards .
29 The availability of rebates has , however , gone a long way to meeting this objection .
30 Fortunately , our neutering scheme has gone a long way to alleviating this problem . ’
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