Example sentences of "would be for [pron] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 I do n't know whether it was because he realised how hard it 'd be for us to get enough for both of us , or whether he knew he was off his head and needed someone around who was n't , y'know what I mean , to look after the kids and sort things out , like .
2 This is the relevance of rules ; for the courts to embrace such an issue would be for them to breach the long-standing settlement with regard to the boundaries of parliamentary privilege ( see below , pp.113–19 ) and they would not do it .
3 It would be for them to decide what to do with our report .
4 The further west Allied aircraft could be stationed , the easier it would be for them to protect the sea lanes which were vulnerable to enemy air power based in Sicily and Crete .
5 he said to me one day , and I do n't remember the day he said the best thing would be for her to go on casual , then she can keep her thingy thingy .
6 Another option would be for her to negotiate some ‘ good quality ’ time for them to spend together , when they give each other the best of their attention .
7 Betsy suggested that the best solution to the problem would be for her to take over command of Clytus and continue trading .
8 And it struck Shiona , not for the first time , as she looked into those blue , accusing eyes , how easy it would be for her to clear her name .
9 I thought what a good idea it would be for me to do the same and I kept this in mind .
10 It was only after I had mentioned Miss Kenton that I suddenly realized how entirely inappropriate it would be for me to continue .
11 " It 's just that it 's all very well to talk about his responsibility and all that — nobody thinks how awful it would be for me to go crawling to him wailing , I 'm in tro-uble ?
12 Think back to Jem Higgins and ask yourself of what use it would be for me to preach your message to him . ’
13 Ron and I thought that the best way to arrange this would be for me to interview the Prince about his uncle , and to tack the result on to the end of the obituary programme .
14 " THE simplest thing , I think , " Matthew Preston said to Sara , " would be for me to buy you out — your share of the house , I mean .
15 ‘ What I 'd like would be for him to go back to that first wife of his . ’
16 The Court would however respectfully disagree with the observation made in Emerson that no purpose would be served by bringing the jury back into open court to hear the tape ; this was a matter for the judge 's discretion but the better practice would be for him to order the reassembling of the court so that the jury could hear the tape in open court .
17 Maman 's perception had probably told how impossible it would be for him to part with any of her things in his lifetime .
18 A natural follow-up would be for him to make a model van , perhaps like one of his dad 's .
19 ‘ He had asked the country for a mandate for Tariff Reform , this had been refused , and the honourable thing would be for him to resign at once . ’
20 For the DUP to embrace this accord and attempt to make it work would be for it to abandon its opposition to anything which presages a united Ireland .
21 The first was that the abrogation of responsibility by a nation for its coinage would be for it to surrender the essence of its own statehood .
22 His idea of heaven would be for someone to design a device which would allow him to read a book in there .
23 His words were enough to throw Lucy into a state of thoughtfulness , forcing her to become aware of how impossible it would be to drag this man within yards of his stepmother — and how futile it would be for herself to harbour any emotional feelings towards him .
24 ‘ How sad it would be for us to lose you to the sea , Señor Capitano . ’
25 I think it would be for us to talk together , the four of us for a start , and er , and bring proper proposals to future meetings would n't it ?
26 " Because I 've been thinking , " said Dottie , " what a good idea it would be for you to spend Christmas at my place . "
27 And he suggested that a suitable punishment would be for you to lose your sight .
28 " Listen , Martha , the best thing would be for you to tell me about your worries .
29 Perhaps the best way of going forward would be for you to send me a description of your work .
30 The best thing would be for you to write out all the harmonies , in every key , making sure that you put in all the correct sharps and flats .
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