Example sentences of "can be [vb pp] [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Prosecutions by local authorities under the Act of 1950 have little deterrent effect , because the increased sales are such that fines at the level presently authorised under the statute can be absorbed by large retailers as a relatively small increase in their costs , though the same is not true of small shops with their much lower sales .
2 From nine months to four years a child can use a seat in the back that faces forwards and which can be secured by rear seat belts or their anchorage points .
3 Children 's co-operation can be secured by guiding and helping them towards some desirable action or way of thought .
4 Despite hopes that some tasks inappropriate to junior doctors can be delegated to other groups of staff the new deal on juniors ' hours risks worsening the situation by increasing the intensity of work still further , notwithstanding the shorter working week .
5 Written in C and C++ , the software comes with what the firm calls a universal dictionary — a set of object mechanisms which can be tailored to individual requirements — and an inference engine , which generates the SQL statements .
6 Written in C and C++ , the software comes with what the firm calls a universal dictionary — a set of object mechanisms which can be tailored to individual requirements — and an inference engine which generates the SQL statements .
7 This awareness has driven us to evolve new systems that can be tailored to local needs and which reflect current advances in auditing techniques . ’
8 Thus the cleaning can be tailored to different surfaces .
9 The division between health and social needs can be narrowed by joint training .
10 It is an attempt to partition the intellectual content of a subject area so that individual elements can be mapped to recognisable and clearly defined sub-areas .
11 But we will suppose that our researcher is cautious in making claims , and so might wish to extend the enquiry and see whether the same results can be replicated with different subjects doing different tasks .
12 They form spontaneously in the waters of our planet without the elaborate ‘ machinery ’ that DNA needs ; and they develop flaws spontaneously , some of which can be replicated in subsequent layers of crystal .
13 Massey agrees that the fate of entities which are part of large spatially diverse enterprises can be related to explicit planning decisions , but considers that it is dangerous to somehow regard such actions as ‘ worse ’ than the consequences of the anonymous system forces of capitalism as manifested through market relations .
14 The supposedly most securely dated vessels are those which can be related to Continental chronologies ; vessels which occur on the Continent but not in England date to before the migration , those on both sides of the North Sea to the migration period itself , and those which are only found in England must have developed after the migration period .
15 Not only is the method not scientific but , to the extent that Marx did make certain historical prophecies which can be related to empirical evidence over long periods of time , these can be examined and by and large they have not proved to be valid .
16 Although perhaps the paradigm for the village school was some idyllic haven seen on a summer 's day , the report is still a good review of the position and can be related to other parts of Western Europe .
17 While I will argue that structuralism offers a way of understanding knowledge as language that can be related to other social practices without reduction to an individual knowing subject , it is to the Marxist theory of ideology that I will turn to help describe the nature of the relationship .
18 Library education will be more effective if the student understands what he is doing and why he is doing it — that is , if new facts can be related to existing knowledge .
19 Unfortunately , despite the widespread excavations at Alcester , little has been found which can be related to religious practices .
20 Lineaments highlighted by imaging techniques are evidence of the nature of Caledonian orogenesis , and variations in image texture can be related to specific geological terrains .
21 The activities of delinquent fans might be more intelligible if they can be related to particular roles and positions with respect to other fans .
22 The parameters appearing in the Richards functions can be related to biological factors .
23 Angular scales , on the microwave background can be related to linear scales , λ , at the present epoch by .
24 A leading client who is a major manufacturer of toiletries wishes to expand into higher priced , bigger margin and smaller volume markets which he believes can be reached through existing distribution channels .
25 Rutli can be reached at leisurely pace in 1½ hours from the start of the walk .
26 In the final article in our series , Richard Holloway reflects on conclusions that can be reached on modern society from the attitudes and opinions revealed in the course of the week Fighting the good fight
27 The Government remain committed to the Anglo-Irish Agreement unless and until agreement can be reached on new and more broadly satisfactory arrangements .
28 But planners will tell Delyn Borough planning committee today that , providing agreement can be reached on opening hours and a fume extraction system , it should be allowed .
29 The village of Villasimius , four miles away , can be reached by occasional local buses or may be explored by taking Citalia 's new excursion .
30 The bars are on the ground floor and can be reached by separate entrances : the vault bar from the street and the lounge bar from the front of the hotel .
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