Example sentences of "which [be] hold to [be] " in BNC.

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1 The virtual absence of L1 producing cells beneath the follicle associated epithelium in Peyer 's patches may induce the immunostimulatory function of these macrophage rich structures , which are held to be crucial for induction of specific mucosal immunity .
2 For examples of bye-laws which were held to be ultra vires , see Scottish General Transport Co. v. Glasgow Corporation , 1928 S.C .
3 His decision stated he had made assumptions about the lease which were held to be incorrect , and those errors resulted in the premises being valued on a fundamentally wrong basis .
4 In a nutshell , it is argued that either Van Valen 's results show linearity with time , which is held to be biologically without significance , or most do not , in which case Van Valen 's ‘ law ’ breaks down .
5 In Birmingham , Alabama , you could be banished from the city for being seen talking to a Communist , which was held to be committing a public nuisance .
6 More generally , there was a growing belief over the 1960s and into the 1970s that Britain 's industrial problems could be overcome through more vigorous entrepreneurship , the supply of which was held to be ‘ market-determined ’ .
7 Danzig was a party to the Treaty of Paris of 1920 but not to the Treaty of Versailles , which was held to be the source of the rights conferred upon Poland and the organic limitations on Danzig .
8 Apart from containing pictures of part of the scene where it is said the violent disorder had taken place and an incident leading up to the arrival of the police which was held to be part of the res gestae , the tape would have been useful to establish alibis some defendants wished to rely upon in respect of their presence in the club at a relevant time and the timing between significant incidents .
9 It was held that the effect of the clause was to throw onto the employer the risk of damage caused by fire , so that the contractor was not liable even for a fire caused by the negligence of its employees ( and despite the presence of a clause under which the contractor undertook to indemnify the employer against losses in respect of damage to property caused by the negligence of the contractor 's employees , which was held to be qualified by the clause dealing with fire insurance ) .
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