Example sentences of "we have [adv] [vb pp] from " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I should have suspected , but I thought we 'd both learned from the tragedy of our mother . ’
2 Er for example all of us in this room , if we went to one destination , we 'd probably all come away with a different combination of things that we 'd actually got from it .
3 We 've just emerged from an exhibition at the Royal Academy , ‘ British Art of the Twentieth Century . ’
4 Back to our lead story , and we 've just heard from Paris that
5 We 've just come from the kinema .
6 We 've just come from there , ’ Karelius protested .
7 We 've just come from her house . ’
8 Now we may suggest that that 's the effect of the Second World War biasing alright biasing the estimates that we 've just produced from the whole sample .
9 A sample : We 're coming in to land at Speke My legs are feeling very weak We 've just returned from Barcelona And now I 'm going for a sauna Toshack is of Scottish descent , and there is certainly a bit of McGonagall in there , though not the best bit .
10 Right now we have , well we 've already heard from Sandra who 's says she 's er , er , a romantic writer and there are some other writer 's here Jean erm Margaret , Elizabeth are you , you are you pedalling illusions which are er completely deluding people like Sadie when she was young are you worried that your actually affecting young particularly female minds in a dangerous way ?
11 The policies are starting to work , as we 've already heard from Councillor .
12 So we 've now gone from a real slow one to a really definitely record-breaking
13 And Mogg believes that the difficulty of ordering tea in the Waldorf Hotel these days is symptomatic of the decline of an empire , a feeling I 'm sure we 've all experienced from time to time .
14 ‘ When she left the Island , she turned her back on the family and we 've never heard from her since .
15 No , because over the last six years we 've actually gone from bottom of the pile to tenth from bottom .
16 ‘ Because we had just switched from the Lothian District League to the National League I thought it was a good time to concentrate on coaching , ’ she said .
17 He addressed us now for the first time , in far more lucid Indonesian than we had ever heard from his elders .
18 Because we had all come from such different backgrounds , and were individuals bound together only by circumstance , I felt it was impossible to criticise their actions as I did n't fully understand their motivations .
19 We have already moved from a whole season to a single day and the next four lines are narrowed down even further from the universal sun to a fire which exists in a particular person , namely , the speaker .
20 As we have already argued from Pahl 's ( 1984 ) study , even when women do paid work they still do the bulk of the domestic work , although it may be more equally distributed than it was when they were full-time housewives .
21 What they did incontestably leave were remarkable examples of those hard-wearing memorials which we have already observed from prehistoric times : stones .
22 As Mr Scicluna pointed out , ‘ If you turn a committee into a faculty , it gives it a new lease of life , a breath of fresh air , and it thinks about its role a bit more purposefully , as we have already seen from the Tax Faculty . ’
23 Over the past 10 years we have already come from a situation where road runners were getting virtually nothing from the sport , to a far more respected and well-provided role . ’
24 Even with all the other general fund-raising that goes on over the year , it is pleasing that you still run or participate in events that are specifically for the Society ; we have again benefited from Raffles , Cake Sales , Bring and Buys , Good as New , Cheese-and-Wines , Coffee Mornings — AND — Sponsored Slims !
25 We have since learnt from an unreliable source that Arlo is so named because Mr and Mrs Bez were trying to work their way through a baby 's name book and got bored with it by the end of the ‘ A ’ section .
26 We have also suffered from rain in the wrong place and at the wrong time .
27 We have also heard from my hon. Friend the Member for Windsor and Maidenhead ( Sir A. Glyn ) , who has unparalleled knowledge of the history of the area and the occasions when floods have affected it .
28 We have just heard from the hon. Gentleman that all our proposals for discounts for single people and alleviation of the top rates of the tax are anathema to the Labour party , which wants to return to the full rigours of the rates .
29 We need greater co-operation in Europe in these matters , because immigration and asylum flows are a major political concern , as we have just noted from the exchanges about Le Pen and the way in which people are feeding upon his visit .
30 Now follow the first backwards pointer ( i.e. back to the node we have just come from , e.g. from the ‘ c ’ node back to the ‘ d ’ node ) , and take the next route forwards again ( to the ‘ l ’ node , giving another complete candidate string ljadl ) .
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