Example sentences of "that [be] [prep] [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Erm I would like to apologize on behalf of myself and my proof reading team for the fact that two calls for nominations that erm that are in this newsletter do n't actually appear to have closing dates on them .
2 Who on earth could that be at this hour ?
3 Interestingly enough I 've got a book er back in my office about things like T V comedy and situation comedy and stuff like that and also y'know kind of variety sort of comedy with sketches and s y'know Two Ronnies , Monty Pythons and stuff erm would that be of any use to you if you were to borrow it ?
4 If I pull my jumper off like that be like that dresses .
5 RE should help pupils to appreciate that there is another language possible — one which perhaps makes more sense , but that is for each person to decide for him/herself .
6 the status history of the DC , that is for each state through which the DC has passed , including the current state , the date at which the DC last entered that state .
7 I look forward especially to a future opportunity to develop his views on the desirability of keeping national insurance contributions as low as possible and of working out exactly how that fits in with the policies of some of his right hon. and hon. Friends , but that is for another occasion , Madam Deputy Speaker .
8 But that is for another book .
9 Record 119 goes into the next block , if that is on this track , or otherwise into overflow .
10 Their progress over the next two weeks will solve the Guineas mystery , but that is of little concern to connections of Dr Devious , who heads now for the Kentucky Derby ( for which he is 10–1 from 12–1 ) in Louisville on May 2 and returns to Epsom for the Ever Ready Derby in June .
11 All that is of little consequence .
12 In 1939 , of 20,906 schools 10,553 were ‘ non-provided ’ , that is under some form of Church or voluntary control and yet receiving considerable sums of public money .
13 that is worth that money
14 MacGregor has the advantage of breadth of experience in Government , especially as Chief Secretary to the Treasury , a post that won him praise from the former Chancellor , Nigel Lawson , whatever that is worth these days .
15 It has been argued that the spiritual prestige of the papacy was tarnished by its use of temporal strength to achieve its ends , but that is in many ways a modern concept .
16 One species , perfectly good to eat , looks like another that is in some way nasty , and is assumed to derive some protection against predators thereby .
17 Do you have an element other than 1 that is in both sets ?
18 The actual mechanisms by which such goods were acquired , that is by some form of gift or an exchange involving such things as surplus agricultural produce , rare local resources or finished products , can only be inferred .
19 That 's worth some thought .
20 That 's up this corner behind me .
21 That amounts to another four hundred and twenty-five thousand , the total shortfall is therefore seven hundred and fifty-three thousand , and that 's without any projection costs .
22 And that 's without any training
23 Again , that 's to some extent , it 's a grammatical convention , rather than a er a letter form convention , but it is extra letters .
24 When he proposed a shilling on prescriptions , one shilling and that 's At that time , Ni Bevan started himself started to deteriorate .
25 And that 's at that age !
26 Well , the thing I mainly notice when last week when Paul was home , not last week , the week before last I had Paul solidly at home , he moved himself entirely in lock , stock and barrel at the weekend , he was then with me waiting for his job and he went out every day and did little bit 's of shopping for me , got him from under my feet , saved me money , cos I was only buying what I absolutely needed , and the amount of time that I had , I mean I was able to go out for the whole day with Peggy on Wednesday , I was able to get food prepared and , admittedly I did n't manage to get as much done as I thought I was going to do , but then I think that 's with most people in life ,
27 Well I , I do n't whether that 's of much interest to anybody .
28 There 's a handrail , but that 's of little use if the boards have become dislodged , and that sometimes happens if the stream has been flooded . ’
29 But that 's of little consolation to John Deakin .
30 Nigel Griffiths has tabled a bill in Parliament to provide greater regulation of travel companies but that 's of little comfort to Michael Cratchley from Banbury who lost his holiday with SFV .
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