Example sentences of "that [be] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 What this analysis indicates , however , is that cost accountants do not just need to improve their product-costing , vital though that is for strategic decisions .
2 RE should help pupils to appreciate that there is another language possible — one which perhaps makes more sense , but that is for each person to decide for him/herself .
3 the status history of the DC , that is for each state through which the DC has passed , including the current state , the date at which the DC last entered that state .
4 That is for local authorities to decide , and it is not for me to offer them advice .
5 As to which is the more stringent obligation in a situation in which more than one applies , that is for intuitive assessment in the light of all that can be known about the particular circumstances of the case .
6 I look forward especially to a future opportunity to develop his views on the desirability of keeping national insurance contributions as low as possible and of working out exactly how that fits in with the policies of some of his right hon. and hon. Friends , but that is for another occasion , Madam Deputy Speaker .
7 But that is for another book .
8 So , for instance , you should be in a position to refer the client to sources of further help and advice , whether that be for other types of professional services , counselling or a victim support group .
9 Now we do n't do wanted items or giveaways or anything like that , you know we do n't do that on the programme , that 's for other programmes .
10 That 's for twelve months int it ?
11 That 's for twelve weeks .
12 So that 's for total pocket money three hundred and sixty .
13 Thank you all for attending , oh we do have to formally , formally move into part two and that 's for one purpose only , and that 's to approve the minutes of the last meeting
14 That 's for all wheel balancing .
15 Erm that 's for that reason I think there is a need to address these sort of er approaches in the the new structure plan policy and er I would dispute very much Professor Lock 's statement on them being being no changes since the nineteen eighties .
16 But that 's for two weeks .
17 That 's for late night shopping at
18 Oh that 's for in-house training for actual customers in their own organisations is n't it ?
19 exactly , that 's for rich people , it only really helps the rich that 's been
20 Your lecture will be at eleven o'clock , that 's for next Monday .
21 That 's for next month — it must be their anniversary .
22 And that 's for run-of-the-mill managers .
23 That 's for these gentlemen to decide . ’
24 I think that 's for little babies is n't it ?
25 Similarly , the projects schemes that elect a member , it 's Councillor , who 's also willing to continue , and that 's for this period of time .
26 That 's for old women over thirty . ’
27 And in that time I really only ever had one proper job and that was for two weeks .
28 That was for Cailean-A Rithist of Achnacloich , from Mrs Jane Nelson , Achnacloich , Connel , Argyll , and sold to Stewart Brown , Ringour , Castle Douglas .
29 But that was for bored husbands , and businessmen dating their secretaries .
30 Yeah , but I thought Take That was for twelve year olds .
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