Example sentences of "as it is [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 In businesses such as McDonalds where service provision is undertaken by relatively junior staff remote from the centre , very particular attention is paid to quality control procedures as it is realized that lapses of quality or service may have a devastating effect on public confidence and attitudes .
2 Assuming that the Commission makes recommendations acceptable to the Government , then there will not necessarily be a delay before the legislation is introduced as it is accepted that sentencing bargaining can be introduced in England and Wales simply by a Practice Direction from the Lord Chief Justice , or in Scotland by an Act of Adjournal in the High Court by the Lord Justice General .
3 Two toddler-type swings are requested as it is felt that more often than not two small children are taken to the playing field accompanied either by one or two adults and the provision of two swings would prevent disputes .
4 The mother through her counsel has sought to support the decision of the justices except in so far as it is conceded that the prohibited steps order in relation to the two adults was wrong , and likewise although in the court below the guardian ad litem had reluctantly supported the interim care order , the guardian ad litem today seeks to uphold the justices ' decision .
5 For present purposes the oldest classification into fringing reefs , barrier reefs and atolls ( Fig. 8.33 ) may be retained as long as it is realised that , although these are commonly occurring forms , there are many others ( Guilcher , 1958 ) which it is very difficult to fit into these simple classes .
6 The Group 's objectives and research strategy imply a continuously evolving work programme whose content may change as it is realised that particular issues ( or faults in past analyses ) are of more or less central importance .
7 After an appeal at a Qualified Teachers ' Training Day money is now available to help those Teachers who have classes in this category as it is realised that in some cases it is impossible for these people to be asked for money .
8 On the one hand it would be perfectly in order to write the biography of a poet as long as it is understood that it would be ‘ on a par with biographies of generals and inventors ’ ( Tomashevsky 1978 : 55 ) and was not mistaken for literary science .
9 His first priority will be to find players as it is understood that several of last season 's side want to leave .
10 The discussion is more neutral only in so far as it is assumed that the curriculum ( such a global phenomenon ) is no-one 's responsibility in particular , and clearly this is so in an individual sense — but it is however the responsibility of the profession to take a leading role in this area and at the moment it is not fulfilling this role .
11 Italian government falls as it is revealed that Vatican money to rescue Olivetti came from the Mafia ; Cosa Nostra says ‘ we were just doing Our Thing ’ .
12 It matters little whether there is much evidence of individualism creating achievement or loss so long as it is believed that it does .
13 These men will not readily wear garment of crotal when going to sea , as it is said that the crotal plant was plucked from the rocks and will therefore return to the rocks .
14 An example of the first might be Mrs Thatcher , insofar as it is said that she dominated her Cabinets .
15 It is important for people with HIV to try and keep as healthy as possible as it is known that a balanced diet , rest and relaxation can help to strengthen the immune system .
16 Emptying of radioopaque markers does not reflect gastric emptying of food components , as it is known that indigestible particles larger than 1.5 mm are emptied from the stomach during the interdigestive period .
17 Reid is at the end of his contract with City and could join Rochdale , though Scarborough are also likely to show interest in him as it is known that manager Ray McHale wants to sign experienced players in the goalkeeping , central midfield , centre back and striking positions .
18 As it is estimated that 25 per cent of schoolchildren will have a sight problem that needs attention ( Optical Information Council ) it is essential that vision screening procedures should be effective .
19 Recently it has become possible to convert simultaneously wood chips of a hundred or more hardwood species into paper pulp , which is important , as it is estimated that paper consumption will increase more than that of timber .
20 These cause more of a problem as it is thought that a scheme of arrangement under CA 1985 , s425 can not bind a member who did not have an opportunity to be present or represented at the court-ordered meeting .
21 The procedures adopted by the Commissioner have been documented in this article in some detail , as it is considered that the systems established by the Commissioner and her office for dealing with her work are highly effective and that such systems could be adapted and applied in other areas of dispute .
22 This is as much to keep other things from crowding in as it is to ensure that we pay attention to all that matters .
23 In developing a thorough electronic information resource in the current climate of Town Hall life it is just as important to improve the facilities for a central electronic archive as it is to ensure that the paper records are properly looked after .
24 New versions of the modules may be entered into LIFESPAN ( via the given package ) until such time as it is judged that the work has been completed .
25 Of course , this is mostly exaggeration , just as it is to suggest that most French club members are merely posers or that the Italians are concerned at keeping talented youngsters off the course unless they have royal blood , or at least one Ferrari .
26 The Electricity Council stated : ‘ the cost benefit ratio of installing FGD … would be very high as it is anticipated that the generating costs of a power station fitted would rise 25–30 per cent … ’
27 Important as it is to recognise that the notion of abuse has wider connotations than the physical , not much purpose seems to be served by struggling to define more precisely such elusive matters as emotional interactions .
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