Example sentences of "as i [verb] [pron] [art] " in BNC.

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1 Good I , as I make you a pie then for your tea .
2 And as I saw her a cold hand closed around my heart .
3 Below it flows the Dorn , known to the Saxons as the Milk , from the cloudiness of its water after rain : and one still sees it as the Saxons saw it a thousand years ago , as I saw it a few minutes ago in the thin rain drifting down from the Cotswolds .
4 you see We was working together and you know a a few benches from each other and of course as I told you the the lads worked with a man .
5 Er medically , as best as I understand what the doctors tell me , er I 'm er fine to carry the responsibilities and strain of er the cabinet job that I had .
6 As I understand it the Cleveland structure plan proposes the same number of dwellings for erm its next period which happens to be fourteen years , as it did for the last fourteen of the of the previous structure plan , fifteen thousand seven hundred .
7 As I understand it the structure plan is based on an average density employment density of forty three .
8 Well as I understand it the er these lawyers for the defendants took the view that as all the statements had been prepared for the police complaints authority investigation , public immunity er yes er public interest immunity attached to them .
9 Erm I was rather interested by the comparisons which you explained a little earlier in the evidence erm if you 've got an aircraft which is er going to replace , as I understand it the Jaguar and the Phantom which has already been retired , er against which you 've been comparing the F three er and the G R four of the tornados and the harriers , then er that gives rise in my mind to the possibility that this is an aircraft which might replace all of these , in which case will that have consequences for the still er publicly declared intention to order two hundred and fifty , might we order more for example ?
10 Now as I understand it the minister 's position is that he be bound to refer that matter to the partner responsible for audit and that partner er would then be put on notice that er he ought to report it to the relevant authority .
11 The next point that I wanted to turn to is who the duty of care is owed owed to , er as I understand it the present law is quite clear .
12 er As I understand it the cost will be offset by the National Asthma Campaign .
13 As I handed them the keys to their new home it was like unlocking the door to their future happiness . ’
14 As I handed him a glass of rum , I noticed that his eyes were full of tears .
15 But as I handed him the money the room grew quiet again .
16 My fear of a remote danger may be almost driven from mind by current emotions ; but to decide to take precautions I need no more than the faint tremor as I glimpse what the consequences of neglect would be like , I do not have to maintain the stimulus to action by living in constant terror until the danger has passed .
17 Nothing particularly wrong with that but that does show where they are coming from when they are looking into being with as I call it the so called traffic problems of St Albans .
18 just as I did it the bloody filter light came on
19 Although as I see it the facts do not fit easily into the existing category of duress or of claims colore officii , they shade into them .
20 Er but that 's er as I see it the role of the local plan in relation to policy such as E two .
21 As I find myself an outsider at this point , I can only put to you another question : Are you really sure that the issue of the ordination of women is so fundamental to the gospel that you would leave your Church and , in some cases , surrender your ministries on that point ?
22 I dream of Strathspeld , and the long summers of my childhood passed in a trance of lazy pleasure , ending with that day , running through the woods ( but I turn away from that memory , the way I 've learned to over the years ) ; I wander again through the woods and the small , hidden glens , along the shores of the ornamental lochan and the river and its loch and I 'm standing near the old boathouse in that defeatingly bright sunlight , light dancing on water , and I see two figures , naked and thin and white in the grass beyond the reed beds , and as I watch them the light turns from gold to silver and then to white , and the trees seem to shrink in on themselves , leaves disappearing in the chill coruscations of that enveloping white blaze while the view all around me becomes brighter and darker at once and all is reduced to black and white ; trees are bare and black , the ground smother-smoothed in white and the two young figures are gone , while one even smaller one — booted , gloved , coat-tails flying behind — runs laughing across the white level of the frozen loch .
23 Well as I as I read it the Co you have n't made any allowance for conversions , you 've made an assumption that part of the housing figure will be met by conversions .
24 As I gave her an exaggerated account of my clashes with different members of my family , she continued to discourage me , saying that the work in London was hard and that exile was no easy way of life .
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