Example sentences of "as i [verb] at [art] " in BNC.

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1 As I looked at the faces marching past with a smart eyes right , I could n't help thinking of those who would have liked to have been on this parade ; those still manning the trenches , and all those buried in a shallow grave in the orchards around the village .
2 As I looked at the few stones that remained of the castle , I learned from the magazine that the Irish-built castle of the local kings , the O'Rourkes , had once towered over the local countryside .
3 My blood froze as I looked at the prices .
4 Now as I looked at the tree I saw that the great things had been there all the time but I had mistaken them for the background .
5 As I looked at the magnificent vehicle I could not help thinking of the historical ‘ Experiment ’ of the Stockton and Darlington Railway , or of the Exhibition excursions of 1851 , when the GW nailed rough boards across their permanent way trucks at Didcot to accommodate their third class passengers !
6 It was warm inside the building as I looked at the uniforms from Algeria , Morocco and Tonkin .
7 I turned round , half-expecting to hear a giggle , a rather inane giggle ; and then as I looked at the thick shadowy scrub near the gate , and remembered the grim reference to Prospero , a more sinister explanation came to me .
8 Paul was trying to catch fish in a pool as I looked at the thing .
9 It 's added a certain anticipation as well to the placement job I 've been doing — ‘ Oh come on someone must have something to say ’ was a regular feeling/thought as I looked at the monitor in anticipation .
10 Something clicked as I looked at the number .
11 As I announced at the end of the trial , I am immediately doing two things .
12 As I waited at the King 's Stairs for my boat back to Venturous I was approached by two very splendidly attired and heavily braided Merchant Service Officers whom I had noticed staring at me curiously during the reception .
13 As I stared at the German with the white flag , I remembered ( as no doubt the five Frenchmen lying beside me also remembered ) a short time ago in Amfreville a small party of Germans had surrendered and , as the Commando patrol approached , one of the Germans had lobbed a grenade , killing and wounding several members of the patrol .
14 As I stared at the display , the reflections of myself and Mr Broadhurst in the plate-glass window came into focus as well , imposed over the vista .
15 Sarah 's bellowing voice shouting ‘ Go for it ’ as I wait at the top of a World Cup Course and Rob 's quiet and steady presence epitomise their deep enthusiasm for the sport .
16 As I wait at the traffic lights I find myself crying ; I realise it is not for Hilda but for him .
17 I read , just as I had at the Moroneys , yet with the single difference in this case there was a young man , Aoin O'Heiher , a nephew of Liam O'Flaherty and he introduced me to writers like Eliot and Joyce .
18 It is , as I noted at the time , a peculiar fact that most laymen who have had responsibility for the health service have interested themselves personally to a preponderant extent in the case of the mentally afflicted , both the mentally ill and the mentally handicapped .
19 In this respect , however , the distinctions that are made resemble many others in political science which , as I noted at the beginning of this chapter , frequently emerge out of the dominant political concerns of the age .
20 As I wrote at the time , though the error may appear small , any error is significant given the close tolerances of FI cars .
21 Quite honestly , as I wrote at the time , ‘ if my waters could have broken , they would have broken ’ .
22 As I wrote at the time , I was not surprised .
23 As I said at the beginning , copyright is rather a dull subject .
24 As I said at the beginning , Confucius , that grand old Chinese philosopher , had it right : treat others in the way that you would like them to treat you and everyone ends up much happier .
25 As I said at the beginning , there is no one true way to play Warhammer .
26 It could not come fast enough , though when we did arrive , as I said at the start , we were suddenly reluctant to go in : victims of a misplaced scepticism about the generosity of fellow climbers .
27 An interim care order gives more flexibility to the plaintiffs as well as the other advantages of a care order and although , as I said at the outset , one rarely interferes with an interim order , in the present case I am less disinclined to interfere because of the initial invalidity of part of the order made by the justices .
28 The aim of the course is to provide advice and information but as I said at the beginning to get you talking about it .
29 Nor is it yet the whole truth ; presenting the experiments in the way I have chosen , as I said at the beginning of this chapter , has been a logical way to tell a story , even if a story not yet adequately grounded in theory .
30 As I said at the top of the article , making movies — in AWI 's parlance — is so similar to making a cartoon using traditional methods that it could well be used as a training ground for animators in the traditional industry , but with a much shorter wait before the results can be seen .
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