Example sentences of "she have just [vb pp] from " in BNC.

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1 She has just returned from interviewing rape victims in Bosnia during a nine-day mission led by the International League of Human Rights.While European Community officials estimate 20,000 women have been raped , Francoise Hampson says quantification is impossible .
2 A young woman living in a semi-detached house on an unpopular Sheffield estate showed me a letter she 'd just received from the electricity board : " A board employee will … call at your premises to cut off the electricity supply on 9/11/82 .
3 Bad enough to feel the way she did , let alone have to spend time with a man who treated her as if she 'd just crawled from under a stone .
4 Her prosecutor was looking at her as if she 'd just crawled from under a stone .
5 How could she spend Roman 's money so lavishly when she had just parted from her lover ?
6 Even when she had just fallen from a catwalk , Dana had a vivacity Claudia could n't match .
7 The news she had just received from Dorothy 's doctor had come as a dreadful shock , and for the moment she could not trust herself to speak .
8 Tessa , a keen machine knitter , was a little nervous as she had just moved from the South and was conscious of the supposed North/South divide but she found the warmest welcome .
9 Her arms felt languorous , her flesh soft and relaxed as if she had just awakened from sleep .
10 Her blonde curls looked as if she had just come from a hairdresser rather than from the hand basin in her own bedroom which was where she had washed her hair this morning .
11 They were country people in a sense that Melanie was not , although she had just come from the green fields and they might have lived in London all their lives .
12 Gwendolen was dad in dark grey and was wearing the hat she had just purchased from the Iduns Brothers Bazaar .
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