Example sentences of "she have just [vb pp] [adv prt] " in BNC.

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1 Using the hypothetical examples above , for instance , this is how it might work out : skilled employment ( 4 ) the top possible score : employment duration — she has just gone back to work ( 1 ) ; housing — she has had to move to a smaller flat(l) so has n't been there long ( 0 ) ; she does have a bank account ( 4 ) ; but is separated ( 0 ) ; and quite young ( 2 ) .
2 Occasionally flicking back a stray blonde hair , Mrs Bottomley comes to the despatch box as if she has just leapt out of a hair spray advert .
3 She 'd just gone down there to look for any good-natured sucker .
4 That night in bed , not able to sleep , she remembered she 'd once knocked on Miss Malabedeely 's door and when Miss Malabedeely had n't answered she 'd just gone in .
5 I thought she 'd just popped out of her house like to have her hair done .
6 Charlie was dead keen on Lilian doing him credit and she always did , always looked as if she 'd just stepped out of a bandbox .
7 she 'd gone out , she 'd just slipped out with Alice for something
8 She 'd just got in , and her husband .
9 She 'd just walked in to the nearest doorway and spilled the whole thing to a complete stranger .
10 She looked as stunningly elegant , as poised and assured — because even her slight nervousness seemed professional — as if she had just stepped out of a cabine at Dior .
11 Lucy Lane arrived : in a green frock figured in black , dark hair expertly set , a shoulder bag matching her frock ; she looked as though she had just stepped out of her BMW runabout for a spot of window shopping .
12 One night she had just blown out the light when she had the sudden feeling that someone had entered the room .
13 ‘ Yes , ’ said Gabriel , though he felt as crushed as the thistle she had just stood on .
14 She said she could n't stay , that she had just dropped in for a minute .
15 The harder Julius had tried , the less she had seemed able to respond to him , she had just frozen up inside .
16 Alone , Franca washed her face in cold water in the kitchen , washing off the powder she had just put on .
17 She corrected this idea by always wearing a hat , as though she had just looked in on her way to the garden .
18 Agnes had taken a smaller one ; she had just got back from her service 's registry .
19 She looked as if she had just got out of bed , and McLeish had a sudden vision of a dark basement flat with greasy mugs on every surface .
20 Her hair was black and thick and looked tangled , as though she had just got out of bed and not brushed it .
21 And a man to whom she had just thrown down a deliberate challenge .
22 But she had just settled down , flicking the control through a dozen or so channels until she found the one she wanted , when the door opened and Marc himself came in .
23 It was quite soon after the terrible motor accident that had crippled him for life , and she had just come in from the garden with a bunch of flowers for him .
24 She opened the door before Massingham had time to ring , her handsome shield-shaped face composed under the light brown fringe , and looking in her shirt , slacks and leather jerkin as elegantly informal as if she had just come in from a country walk .
25 The ones she had just knocked down were on their feet again , hopping on the steps around her .
26 Kathleen looked over at the square cardboard box she had just brought back from Dorothea .
27 She had just started out on her career as a free-lance photographer , with nothing but a little talent , a lot of determination and the best camera money could buy to help her make it .
28 and she 's just turned over eighty odd
29 gone in , no no no , she 's just gone in and er doing too much too soon , yeah , yeah .
30 She 's just popped up to get a book for some homework .
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