Example sentences of "they [be] hold [prep] [be] " in BNC.

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1 Some of them are held to be responsible for relaxation phenomena at low temperatures while folds are of great importance in the crystallization of polymers .
2 This hypothesis is supported by the fact that most plant families that produce bird-dispersed seeds are of very wide distribution and that several of them are held to be primitive , e.g. Annonaceae , Lauraceae , while several genera conspicuous in this trait are found in both tropical America and Australasia .
3 Since statements like ‘ God is Love ’ fall into neither category they are held to be meaningless .
4 Aware that absolute holists can not live up to their own tenets , they offer a different distinction between the two approaches so that , rather than being seen as strict alternatives , they are held to be complementary .
5 Anti-English slanders they were held to be by the genteel Victorian travellers who continued to come to the Pyrenees .
6 Nevertheless they were held to be in contempt but , the strike having collapsed , no penalty was imposed .
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