Example sentences of "they [be] [verb] to [be] " in BNC.

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1 When the remainder of the known fortified sites are plotted on a map ( fig. 7.1 ) most of them are seen to be distributed along three routes :
2 The shortage of Pentiums is so bad that those that have them are said to be ‘ tea-bagging ’ them — moving their precious chips from system to system to prove to customers that their box works , then quickly back into the safe .
3 Witnesses said armed soldiers kept up an overnight siege at Kinshasa 's People 's Palace conference centre because the notes used to pay them are said to be cursed and are almost impossible to spend .
4 For instance , discharges frequently run from septic tanks in the grounds of country cottages , many of whose occupants are old people who have the sympathies of field men , since most of them are believed to be badly off .
5 In Ireland a party that puts up several candidates in a constituency will easily predict which of them are going to be elected , which may and which wo n't .
6 And g m quite a lot of them are going to be dependent on rented accommodation and in particular , well both council cou both , both council rented accommodation and private rented accommodation .
7 Some of them are held to be responsible for relaxation phenomena at low temperatures while folds are of great importance in the crystallization of polymers .
8 This hypothesis is supported by the fact that most plant families that produce bird-dispersed seeds are of very wide distribution and that several of them are held to be primitive , e.g. Annonaceae , Lauraceae , while several genera conspicuous in this trait are found in both tropical America and Australasia .
9 Although the effects of loss vary from one individual to another , on the whole it seems that men tend to fare a little better in bereavement than women , and fewer of them are found to be in need of psychiatric treatment for chronic grief and depression .
10 Rather , organizational goals are what they are perceived to be by officials who have been socialized into the organizational ‘ way of life ’ and who strive in a highly co-ordinate fashion to bring about collectively their realization .
11 I have to say though that it 's usually very embarrassing to see a group of professional dancers dancing in a club — because they are trained to be self-conscious , they ca n't let go of themselves .
12 Covering countryside such as the Chilterns and the South Downs , they are intended to be areas of special planning control with strong accent on the visual and environmental effects of any development .
13 Both brushes and foam can also take on a partial biofiltering role , but if they are intended to be a mechanical filter , they should be cleaned before they clog .
14 In all these cases the court has been concerned to ensure that these fundamental requirements are met in the way in which , particularly in the case of the county courts , they are intended to be and should be met .
15 They are intended to be used to consolidate or to revise language which has already been presented in other ways .
16 Most ELT series are intended to supplement what is in the textbook not to replace it and they are intended to be used to consolidate the learning of language that has already been presented in another form .
17 Associations with bells or illuminated disks are rather artificial , but they are intended to be experimental versions of things that would be important in nature .
18 Legal aid is not generally available for tribunals , they are intended to be cheap and both sides are clearly expected to bear their own costs .
19 Other aspects of the grammar and phonology of these sentences ( from different speakers ) make it clear that they are intended to be " Patois " .
20 Buyers often attempt to include express warranties stating that goods will be suitable for the purpose for which they are intended to be used by the buyer , or suitable for the purpose for which they are ordinarily or generally used .
21 There is not much comfort for the museum in the knowledge that celebrated works are impossible to fence ; the idiosyncratic choice of stolen works strongly suggests that one buyer 's taste was being followed and that they are destined to be hidden away in a private collection , possibly in South America or Japan .
22 Permanently placed at Number 55 in the not-quite-so-top 100 , they are destined to be remembered as yet another band Virgin failed to encourage into the charts ( famous last words part 136 ) .
23 There 's none of the rigorous logic and choreographed confusion of real farce , and director Jude Kelly labours under the mistaken impression that if the characters rush around and shout a lot , then they are bound to be funny .
24 I think that in years to come they are bound to be looked back on as an aberration .
25 ‘ Liverpool had also bought Mark Wright and when a club has spent more than £5m they are bound to be looking to recoup some money .
26 The issue is not whether such factors will in some way be represented , because they are bound to be , but whether they are in pedagogic focus .
27 They think that , because of the kind of thing individual human beings are , they are bound to be the basis of social explanation .
28 Quite apart from the fact that they are bound to be different something approaching 60% of the basic functions will be identical ; loading , saving , printing , editing , type selection , etc .
29 ‘ I have a feeling they will react to the big occasion at Ibrox and they are bound to be on a high after Denmark winning the European title in Sweden . ’
30 Although it should be possible to repair the external and internal cracks in these 1,000 homes , they are bound to be blighted once they have been identified .
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