Example sentences of "this [be] hold to [be] " in BNC.

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1 And the most important properties of which this is held to be true are those which constitute our conception of individuals as autonomous agents .
2 In so far as any thought was given to the curriculum , this was held to be a matter for expert ‘ curriculum designers ’ who spoke in a language all their own , and seldom impinged on the consciousness of the public .
3 This was held to be the case in Mantovani v.
4 This was held to be incorrect , but irrelevant ; incorrect , because a mere sense of alarm was insufficient to give rise to a fear of a breach of the peace , and irrelevant because the justices had found ( or there was evidence from which they could have found ) that the constables reasonably believed that the defendant 's own behaviour was likely to constitute a breach of the peace .
5 This was held to be so by the Court of Appeal in Newtons of Wembley v. Williams .
6 This was held to be the wrong approach by the House of Lords .
7 This was held to be trespass to land .
8 This was held to be a mistake sufficient to overturn the decision .
9 This was held to be reasonable during employment but was construed as being too wide post employment as it would prevent the defendant becoming a medical officer of health in which capacity he could not prejudice the plaintiff 's goodwill .
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