Example sentences of "that i 've [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 Yes erm they 're not they 're not add additional representations , they 're not additional to anything that I 've said we 've heard during the enquiry .
2 Now even more than the rest of the stuff that I 've said I would n't mention that to anybody else no .
3 and I keep on saying that I 've said it like about so many things when we 're at home and she goes , what is this you always saying well with everything .
4 ‘ Only that I 've seen them before . ’
5 No I was thinking that I 've seen her perhaps I was thinking , you know , you remind me of it .
6 No , now that I 've seen it .
7 So I must check that the figures I 've already given you , that 's the way that I 've done it .
8 yeah , I find that , that I 've done it and I 've written down the answer and then I ca n't think which number does it go to , and by the time I 've got to number one they 're on about six , so I might as well , I 'm lost it completely , so I ca n't do that either and my project work , course work , goes towards certain percent of my marks and I ca n't think for the life of me why
9 Well we 've we only went to the if you like the training session of the er erm participants yesterday and we 've got our next meeting on the 22nd February that I 've invited you to at .
10 Only that I 've heard it before .
11 ‘ Over the fact that I 've lost her , ’ Estabrook said .
12 I 'm sorry that I 've lost it , like I think it perhaps Si has lost the pipes .
13 ‘ Now that I 've met her I — ’
14 ‘ Now that I 've met you again , ’ he said meaningly , ‘ I shall be coming down much more often .
15 The trouble is , Loretta , that I 've discovered I do n't like students .
16 I was going to , one of the , the many things that I went to away last meeting with was , was the idea of , that I 've missed it this time for Playback is a list , a listings kind of mechanism , so obviously this is the first one
17 I just hope that I 've plugged it in properly .
18 I got your stock see , I 've got your stock , you 're either gon na shut your case or you 're going to the , you 're going to go to the house or you 're going have to move me from that objection that I 've hit you with , then the objection that you 're comfortable with , now that 's what closes are about , it 's dancing people from one objection to another , let me put you on another objection then , seeing as you 're not too happy with that then
19 Look here , I know that I 've treated you badly …
20 Er erm , there 's only been last year that I 've grown them
21 To tell you that I 've killed him ! ’
22 Well , now that I 've tracked you down , perhaps you would n't mind letting me in on the key to all this mystery .
23 They were standing now , in the as bomb-hit kitchen , Rab and Doctor ; and Doctor — she was taller than him , what with her feather and hat , by a good head — said , ‘ Those pills that I 've given you , take them only as prescribed .
24 Well I hope that I 've given you enough to get you started on the right tracks .
25 The best bit of information you 've got is the syllabus coverage that I 've given you .
26 So know that , if you now refer back to the , the book that I 've given you this morning and if you turn to where it says okay it says stop here do not read on
27 I think to be a good teaching aid something has to say ‘ Well I think this because ’ and , as it were , retrace the chain of reasoning that I 've just the sort of chain that I 've given you .
28 ‘ I 'm going to be from now on , ’ he said , ‘ now that I 've made you come .
29 Any selection of a few new titles , therefore , is bound to be especially arbitrary ; I can only plead that I 've made it as wide as possible .
30 ‘ The main benefit is that I 've enjoyed it ; that 's my yardstick . ’
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